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How To Choose the Right Leggings for Your Workout

How To Choose the Right Leggings for Your Workout

Discovering the ideal leggings is a match made in heaven. A quality pair will keep you cool and dry, offer optimal support and features, and deliver a stylish and comfortable feel, with proper fit being essential to avoid any inconvenience during your workout. Given all these, Baleaf has compiled a thorough guide to help you choose the right leggings for your workout.

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How To Know Your Leggings Size

How To Choose the Right Leggings for Your Workout

Ensuring the appropriate size and fit is crucial when shopping for any clothing item, and this holds especially true when getting a new pair of leggings, whether for incorporating into your daily outfits or for workout purposes. Prioritize leggings that provide sufficient coverage while maintaining freedom of movement. With a tape measure on hand, you can discover your true perfect fit.

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Measure yourself.

For the most precise measurements, we suggest measuring in the morning before eating or drinking.

Begin by measuring your waist – loop a tape measure around the smallest part, just above or along your belly button.

Move on to measuring your hips – stand with your feet together and wrap the tape measure around the fullest part, just below your hip bones and around your buttocks.

Next, determine your inseam, or length, by running the tape measure along the inside of your thigh from where your crotch ends to the bottom of your ankle bone.

Optionally, measure the circumference of your thighs – wrap the tape measure around the top of each thigh. If one thigh is larger, consider selecting leggings in the bigger size for a secure fit.

Choose leggings with a four-way stretch fabric.

Leggings are stretch fabrics and come in two kinds: two-way stretch and four-way stretch.

Two-way stretch fabrics stretch in only one direction while four-way stretch fabrics can stretch both crosswise and lengthwise, resulting in two-way stretch fabrics being tighter and more restrictive compared to four-way stretch fabrics.

When searching for workout leggings, it's beneficial to consider these characteristics. Four-way stretch leggings are more forgiving in terms of sizing and provide full freedom of movement. Another advantage of four-way stretch fabric is its superior ability to maintain its original shape compared to two-way stretch fabric.

Know when you're wearing the wrong size.

To identify the right leggings for you, it's essential to understand why the current pair you're trying on may not be suitable.

Firstly, leggings should be entirely opaque, with no exceptions. If your skin is visible when you stretch, squat, or bend, they are too tight, and you should consider going up a size or trying a pair made of a different fabric.

Another indicator of improper sizing is the crotch area. Excessive fabric pooling suggests the leggings are too loose, prompting a need to size down. Conversely, if there's an outline of a camel toe, indicating overstretching and tightness, it's advisable to go up at least one or two sizes.

Additionally, leggings should never cause pinching or pulling, whether you're walking or engaged in yoga poses.

How To Choose Leggings

There are different types of leggings, and with the perfect fit, they should feel like second skin. You shouldn't notice that they're there on your legs or get the feeling of them on you.

The Length

The choice of legging lengths depends on personal preference and workout conditions. Cold weather may warrant more coverage while shorter designs are suitable for warmer climates or individuals who prefer less material on their skin.

A pro tip is to consider having leggings in various lengths for added versatility across different activities and environments. The following guide can help you select leggings based on your workout climate or style preferences:

Full-Length Leggings

Baleaf Freeleaf 27" Seamless High-Rise Leggings

Perfect for colder weather, especially the fleece-lined ones, full-length leggings give the full coverage some of us may want.

The Freeleaf 27" Seamless High-Rise Leggings, made from Lycra ADAPTIV fabric, are full-length leggings that cater to any body type and can be customized by cutting to the desired length. With moisture-wicking capabilities, these leggings provide freedom of movement and offer a second-skin feel.

3/4 Leggings

Baleaf Laureate Tie Dye Capris

For individuals seeking a bit less coverage but finding capris and bike shorts too cropped for their preference, the 3/4 leggings length may be your best bet.

The Laureate Tie Dye Capris, slightly shorter in length than full-length leggings and composed of 81% polyester and 19% Spandex stretch brushed fabric, boasts moisture-wicking and breathable properties, passing the squat test for non-see-through wear. Featuring a high rise for tummy control, a wide waistband for maximum coverage, and three pockets with an elastic closure, these capris also incorporate flatlock seams to ensure there is no chafing during wear.

Capris Leggings

Baleaf Sweatleaf Knee-Length Pocketed Capris

Capris leggings are ideal for individuals seeking a style that fits just below the knee and provides ample freedom of movement.

The Sweatleaf Knee-Length Pocketed Capris, crafted from 69% nylon and 31% Spandex, pass the squat test with non-see-through attributes, providing moisture-wicking, quick-dry capabilities, light compression, and a naked sensation. Featuring a high-rise style with an elastic closure for a customizable fit, a wide waistband for maximum coverage and tummy control, as well as two side pockets and flatlock seams to ensure no chafing during wear.

The Activity

Before choosing leggings, it's essential to assess the particular activities you'll do as each is equipped with technologies and features specifically designed for various exercises, like running, yoga, dynamic HIIT sessions, or weightlifting, ensuring that each type provides distinctive benefits to elevate and support your workout.


Baleaf Laureate Thermal Mid Rise Tights

Look for moisture-wicking technology crafted to efficiently manage your body's perspiration, ensuring prolonged comfort. Additionally, consider leggings with reflective design details for nighttime running safety and strategically placed pockets, allowing you to conveniently carry essentials, such as keys, phones, and snacks during your run.

For your upcoming run, consider the Laureate Thermal Mid Rise Tights (No Padding), consisting of 90% polyester and 10% Spandex, providing breathability and moisture-wicking properties. These tights feature a mid-rise design, a back zipper pocket, flatlock seams for chafe-free wear, ankle zips to expand the width of ankle cuffs for boot accommodation, and reflective elements enhancing visibility in low-light conditions.

HIIT and Gym Workouts

Baleaf Flyleaf 27" High-Rise Leggings

If HIIT or a standard gym workout is your preferred sweat session, be on the lookout for leggings with an integrated internal waistband gripper to prevent rolling down during fast-paced sessions, and go for a four-way stretch for optimized shape retention during squats. Ensuring your leggings work as hard as you do and can withstand vigorous gym movements is essential. Assess the durability of the seams to prevent stretching or weakening over time.

Confidently do squats, downward dog, and the like, with the Flyleaf 27" High-Rise Leggings, crafted from 80% nylon and 20% Spandex, ensuring they pass the squat test and remain non-see-through. These leggings feature a high-rise style, a wide waistband for maximum coverage and stability, body-contouring seams providing a comforting embrace, and flatlock seams to ensure a chafe-free experience.

The Features

Various features can enhance your sweat session, offering added comfort and convenience tailored to the conditions and type of workout. Some key attributes to consider include:


If you prefer carrying essentials during your workout, be on the lookout for leggings featuring strategically placed pockets that snugly sit close to your body.


Not all leggings come equipped with this feature, but this is something you can consider when getting a pair.

Leggings that slide down during a run rank among the most distracting workout challenges. That's why leggings with a drawstring-adjustable waistband can be considered for a seamless and hassle-free run, providing particularly valuable support for runners covering long distances.

Reflective Elements

Choose leggings with details that either glow in the dark or reflect when exposed to light as they are beneficial for early-morning, late-afternoon, and evening workouts when visibility is low.


A subtle yet crucial detail, leggings featuring flat and flush seaming strategically positioned in high-friction areas aid in minimizing chafing during extended studio sessions.

On the other hand, seamless pairs, with minimal stitching, conform to your body's movements, creating a 'second-skin' fit with a lightweight feel.

Internal Gripper

To mitigate leggings rolling down during sporadic and explosive movements and prevent unwelcome distractions, choose a waistband with an integrated internal gripper.

Second-Skin Feel

Some leggings offer an ultra-locked-in sensation with a snug fit, not only minimizing chafing but potentially enhancing performance and supporting muscle recovery, resulting in reduced post-workout soreness.


The visual impact and body-contouring effect of your leggings can greatly impact your choice, with a flattering design ranking as the second most sought-after feature for customers. Leggings that are both flattering and well-fitting, highlighting your body shape, can boost confidence and potentially enhance overall performance.

Benefits of Leggings While Working Out

How To Choose the Right Leggings for Your Workout

Whether you're doing walking, running, jogging, Pilates, yoga, or gym workouts, reliable sportswear is essential. Choosing high-quality activewear not only facilitates your workout routine but also ensures an overall comfortable experience. Here are some of the reasons you might want to include leggings in your workout capsule wardrobe.

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They enhance performance.

Enhancing performance during intense training is a primary reason for wearing gym leggings as top-notch workout leggings increase the oxygen supply to your muscles, providing additional power and energy.

Serving as a shock absorber, leggings reduce vibrations and strains, effectively preventing muscle trauma and ensuring adequate oxygen delivery for optimal workout performance.

They help lessen muscle soreness and prevent injury.

Specifically, compression leggings or pairs that offer a certain degree of compression effectively absorb muscle strain, alleviate fatigue, and enhance blood flow, expediting the muscle repair process and minimizing soreness during and after workouts.

Choosing well-fitted leggings is crucial to prevent sports injuries, and regardless of the activity, finding the right sportswear is essential for protection against strains and overheating. Gym leggings, in particular, offer leg cushioning during workouts while keeping muscles warm and compressed, thereby reducing the risk of injuries.

They give comfort.

Quality gym leggings minimize friction compared to traditional leggings, providing a comfortable and confident fit that reduces the risk of chafing. When seeking workout leggings, prioritize those explicitly designed for exercises and workouts.

How to Wash Leggings

Though there are various ways to wash leggings, here are some general tips to help maintain them in their optimal condition.

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Wash or hang to dry after every use.

To maintain the material's integrity and prevent odors and bacteria or mold build-up, wash your leggings promptly after use. If immediate washing isn't feasible, air-dry them separately from other clothing until your next laundry load.

Go easy in using detergent.

Although it may seem sensible to use a substantial amount of detergent when washing leggings, especially post-exercise, the opposite is recommended.

In this case, less is more. Using excessive detergent can result in an unwanted film on the sweat-wicking spandex material, compromising its functionality and reducing the fabric's softness. Additionally, as leggings are frequently worn during workouts and various movements, any leftover detergent may contribute to skin irritation.

Use cool water when washing.

Avoid exposing the synthetic material of leggings to warm or hot water, as it can cause the breakdown of fabric materials. The use of hot or warm water in the rinse cycle may harm the material, compromising its intended functions, such as compression, sweat-wicking, stretch, and overall quality.

Avoid using a fabric softener.

Fabric softeners, designed to make clothes smell good and feel soft, contain chemicals that leave residues detrimental to the wicking properties of leggings, yoga pants, and sportswear. Essentially, water-wicking materials enable clothing and skin to breathe, preventing the trapping of moisture, so using fabric softener is inadvisable.

Use vinegar to get rid of unwanted odor.

To address persistent and unpleasant odors in leggings, try pre-treating them by soaking the clothing in a bowl of cold water with ¼ to ½ cup of white vinegar for half an hour, adjusting the amount based on your load size. White vinegar efficiently neutralizes odors, ensuring your leggings come out fresh and odor-free after being washed.

Hang them to dry.

Steer clear of the dryer! Similar to warm water, hot air can harm and distort the elastic fibers of leggings. It is advisable to hang dry leggings on a rack or clothesline instead.

Your Perfect Leggings Match Is Right Here at Baleaf

With a multitude of leggings to choose from, each boasting unique features tailored to elevate your workout experience, whether you're running a marathon, tackling squat reps at the gym, or simply lounging, the main consideration is the comfort and support they provide. The unparalleled joy of squatting in non-see-through leggings or being the focal point of a sprint toward your personal best, without concerns about chafing, is unmatched.

Discover your perfect match in our Women's Leggings collection.

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