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Your Comprehensive Guide To Wearing Running Shorts

Your Comprehensive Guide To Wearing Running Shorts

Due to advances in technology and design, modern running shorts surpass their predecessors. The materials used are now lighter, more comfortable, and enhance overall mobility.

It's expected that all running shorts enable unrestricted movement. Yet, the finest running shorts go beyond this by not only ensuring freedom of movement but also minimizing moisture to prevent chafing. Additionally, they securely hold items like your phone, and keys, to name a few, preventing them from bouncing around.

Just in case you decide to start being active by running and don't know where to start with your running gear, let this comprehensive guide to wearing running shorts help you pick your first pair that will blaze the trails.

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The Different Types of Running Shorts

While various running shorts are available in the market, runners can generally categorize most variations into one of the three following types:

Compression Shorts

Baleaf Flyleaf Mid Rise Back Pocketed Compression Shorts

Compression shorts excel in strategically preventing injuries, supporting muscles, and providing optimal flexibility. Designed to fit snugly around the legs, they minimize the risk of chafing and allow for longer strides. The length of compression shorts varies between genders, with men's shorts typically extending down to the mid-thigh and women's shorts ranging from thigh-length to shorter styles.

Experience great comfort and support with the Flyleaf Mid Rise Back Pocketed Compression Shorts, crafted from 80% nylon and 20% Spandex. These mid-rise shorts offer a four-way stretch, skin-friendly feel, along with moisture-wicking, breathable, and quick-dry properties, complemented by the convenience of a back pocket and reflective elements for added visibility.

V-Notch Shorts

Baleaf Flyleaf High Rise 3" Shorts

Despite their loose fit, V-notch shorts are a favorite by runners. These shorts typically feature a high cut above the knees, and the exact length varies among designs. The name originates from the lower inseam, allowing runners maximum movement and forming a distinctive V shape.

Experience unrestricted movement and comfort in Flyleaf High Rise 3" Shorts, constructed with 88% nylon and 12% Spandex for a four-way stretch and lightweight feel. These quick-dry, breathable, and moisture-wicking shorts feature a high rise style, slit hem with a double layer for a flattering and stylish appearance, an elastic wide waistband for maximum coverage and tummy control, built-in brief lining for total freedom of movement, and a hidden pocket to conveniently fit a card or key.

Split Leg Shorts

Baleaf Laureate 3" Lightweight Running Shorts

Split-leg shorts are frequently mistaken for V-notch shorts due to their baggy design, aiming to provide runners with maximum flexibility. The key distinction lies in the inseam configuration: V-notch shorts form a V, while split-leg shorts feature an overlapping inseam. A notable advantage of split-leg shorts is that their inseam can start as high as the waistband, offering runners the broadest range of movement.

Fall in love with the sensation of lightness, dryness, and comfort of the Laureate 3" Lightweight Running Shorts, crafted from 89.7% polyester and 10.3% spandex in your next trail or road run. These shorts include a split-leg design for an enhanced range of motion, a wide waistband for maximum comfort and tummy control, built-in brief lining for total freedom of movement, and two deep side pockets for convenient storage of phones, keys, and cards. Additionally, flatlock seams guarantee a chafe-free running experience.

2-In-1 Shorts

Baleaf Flyleaf Compression 2-in-1 Shorts

Constructed with both an outer shell short and a snug-fitting inner liner, 2-in-1 shorts offer a unique design. The inner layer, similar to fitted shorts, is crafted with a seamless or flatlock seam design to prevent skin chafing, but these shorts have an extra outer layer for added coverage. Some runners favor the inner fitted short over the traditional brief liner. 2-in-1 shorts are particularly popular among runners who also engage in cross-training or yoga.

Hit the trails and conquer your mileage in the Flyleaf Compression 2-in-1 Shorts, featuring 85% nylon, 15% Spandex liner and a 100% polyester body, with a double-sided nylon spandex fabric on the outside and a 75D four-way stretchy fabric on the inside. The inner layer is breathable, stretchy, and promotes mobility, ensuring a lightweight and quick-dry experience. The shorts also include a knitted waistband for shape retention, a secure back zip pocket, two side pockets for essentials, and a side split design for enhanced movement space.

What To Look For in Running Shorts

When browsing through our All Running Gear collection for your perfect pair of running shorts, you will notice the following features each pair of shorts has. They can guide you in choosing the best pair for the kind of run you plan to have.

Of course, it's a given that the fabric should be moisture-wicking and quick-drying for a more comfortable running experience. No one wants to carry the additional weight of sweat clinging on clothing.

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Your Comprehensive Guide To Wearing Running Shorts

Inseam Length

The inseam length plays a crucial role in both leg coverage and freedom of movement. Choosing a shorter length enhances mobility while a longer length offers additional coverage and protection.

Competitive runners often choose a shorter inseam for increased agility, but ultimately, the decision depends on personal comfort.

At Baleaf, we meticulously measure each pair we stock, ensuring the accuracy of the measurements provided on our website, so you can trust the information you read.


Avoiding the inconvenience of chafing is a priority for every runner. A great pair of running shorts is designed with strategic seam placement to effectively avoid friction and irritation, transforming lengthy runs into effortless experiences. Although this adjustment may appear minor, it does influence your comfort level when running.

Waistband Width

The width of the waistband significantly influences the comfort, security, and fit of your shorts. Broader waistbands create a flattering silhouette with a smooth band that avoids digging into your waist. These are perfect for runners who prefer to carry a phone or gear in their pockets as the wider band acts as an anchor, preventing constant sliding.

Conversely, a thinner waistband offers a minimal design for less coverage and is commonly found on lightweight shorts like splits. Whether thick or thin, most shorts feature an adjustable drawcord to help achieve the perfect fit.


Running shorts commonly feature liners, available in either a brief or 2-in-1 style. These liners are crafted from lightweight, breathable fabric designed to efficiently wick moisture away from your skin, promoting airflow and providing additional support. They serve to prevent chafing in sensitive areas and allow you to wear the shorts without additional underwear, eliminating the issue of bunching. Some running shorts, however, do not come with a liner, offering flexibility for those who prefer their own underlayer, such as winter tights, to add extra warmth and protection on colder days.


Running shorts equipped with storage space offer a convenient way to carry essentials like keys, gels, ID, phone, and other gear. Drop pockets, internal envelope pockets, and zippered pockets provide designated areas to keep your necessities, allowing you to run hands-free.

A general guideline is that the longer your runs are, the more storage space you might require. For instance, a runner preparing for a half marathon or ultramarathon may need more storage compared to a 5K athlete. Conversely, minimal shorts, with limited or no storage, are better suited for shorter distances or racing.

Why Wear Running Shorts

Your Comprehensive Guide To Wearing Running Shorts

More than mere attire, shorts for running are integral elements that elevate the entire running experience.

Enhances Comfort and Mobility

Engaging in running extends beyond mere physical effort. It encompasses the comfort experienced while challenging one's boundaries. Running shorts boast comfort and unrestricted movement, guaranteeing that you are never hindered in your running.

Because they are crafted for optimal performance, running shorts prioritize the incorporation of moisture-wicking technology that efficiently pulls sweat away, promoting rapid evaporation that not only prevents discomfort but also regulates body temperature, eliminating the undesirable experience of running soaked in sweat and allowing an uninterrupted focus on the run.

Optimizes Stride

Runners often choose specialized shorts primarily for the freedom they offer. A good pair of running shorts is particularly crucial during longer runs, where avoiding discomfort is essential for maintaining peak performance. Equipped with features, such as elastic waistbands and mechanical stretch technology, these shorts empower you to move with precision and ease.

The Running Shorts for Specific Runs

Every run is unique. This is why we need to choose the specific type of running shorts for every running activity and environment.

Trail and Road Runs

When tackling trails, it's crucial to find running shorts that provide ample freedom of movement, enabling you to navigate obstacles effortlessly while offering sufficient storage for essentials, like your phone or snacks during the run. Consider V-Notch shorts or perhaps split-leg shorts. Ideally, choose shorts with a shorter length and multiple pockets for secure storage.

For road runs, split-leg shorts also present a viable option. Given the typically reduced obstacles in road running, choosing longer running shorts for added comfort is often alright.

Race Run

While comfort is undoubtedly a key factor in selecting race attire, it's ideal to wear running shorts that offers compression to maximize performance and give more support to your legs.

#wemovetogether in Strides and Miles To Conquer Runs

Whether you're an athletic runner, a seasoned one, or a noob, wearing the right running shorts gives the needed support and comfort you need to conquer those miles to finish a race.

Let Baleaf's Women's Running collection be your starting line to finish your race with a bang in the best women's running shorts.

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