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Unleash Your Inner Athlete

"Get to know more people by sharing your love for baleaf. Our alliance are an extension of baleaf and represent our brand through social outreach, community engagement and innovation."

How to Join



Answers to most common questions about affiliate programs, creator networks, and influencers.
Why join the Baleaf community?

Joining the baleaf community means being a part of the alliance community.

Get ready to unlock some exciting perks, like sweet commission bonuses, complimentary baleaf products, and exclusive discount codes to share with your awesome followers.

What is the difference between Baleaf's affiliate program and the motivator network?

Baleaf's affiliate program is for anyone who wants to apply and earn commissions by spreading the love for Baleaf products through your unique channels, such as social media, websites, blogs, and the like. The affiliate program is an opportunity to turn your passion into rewards.

Baleaf's motivator network is a handpicked crew that embodies the brand's essence through social outreach, community engagement, and amazing content creation. Just as passionate about sports and fitness as our affiliates and influencers, these motivators enjoy spreading the Baleaf love with their followers and friends.

What do affiliates, testers, and motivators do for the community?

In the dynamic world of online marketing, affiliates, testers, and motivators are the most valuable players.

This powerhouse trifecta collaborates to weave a community spirit and boost sales, ensuring that the baleaf products perfectly cater to its target audience.

With their unique skills, they become the driving force behind brand awareness and revenue generation.

Affiliates dazzle with engaging content, collaborations, and exclusive deals.

Testers guarantee a top-notch quality of Baleaf products.Motivators, armed with their massive social media following, create a whirlwind of excitement and foster a dedicated community.

Together, they form a superhero team that makes a significant impact on the success of the Baleaf products.

Come and join this winning alliance.

What is the Baleaf Product Test Program?

Baleaf Product Test Program is a process to identify and address any issues or bugs in the product, by inviting our customers to test our product in their daily workout and leisure life to hear their true voice about the product.

How much does it cost to become a member of the Baleaf community?

Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Joining the Baleaf community is FREE. There are no application fees or minimum sales quotas to worry about.

What are my responsibilities as a product tester?

As Baleaf Product Tester, after receiving the testing product, you need to wear the product during your daily life or exercise, feel the fabric, fit, and performance of the product, and take photos and videos of yourself wearing the product to record your real wearing experience. Submit your feedback within two weeks and note that testing products cannot be resold, and feedback content needs to be kept strictly confidential.

What products are eligible for commission?

Except for gift cards, all products featured on the baleaf website qualify for commissions. You earn a commission whenever any of your subscribers, followers, or customers click on your unique link and make a successful purchase.