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These Are the Essentials for Your Workout Capsule Wardrobe

These Are the Essentials for Your Workout Capsule Wardrobe

How many workout outfits do you truly need to boost your fitness journey? Whether you're someone who adores activewear more than your everyday clothes or prefers keeping it minimal with workout gear, both approaches have their perks. Creating a capsule workout wardrobe can bring numerous benefits, no matter which side of the spectrum you lean toward.

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The Workout Capsule Wardrobe

These Are the Essentials for Your Workout Capsule Wardrobe

Enter the world of activewear capsule wardrobe—a carefully chosen assortment of versatile, timeless workout clothes that transform your fitness fashion game. They are composed of outfits that seamlessly mix and match, unlocking a multitude of looks and maximizing the potential of your closet.

It's a savvy investment that pays off in savings, time, and space. Imagine saying goodbye to wasted money on unnecessary items that gather dust due to a lack of adaptability. Instead, welcome classic pieces into your life—ones you can sport again and again, effortlessly blending comfort with style.

The number of pieces you need for each activewear type depends on your workout and frequency of exercise. Ideally, you'd need two pairs of leggings and a pair of shorts, three tops, three layering pieces, and three sports bras. Again, the quantity can vary.

Building a capsule collection brings a plethora of benefits. It's a magic wand that removes the stress and decision fatigue of crafting fresh outfit ideas every week.

And here's the real bonus—it's a stand against the fast fashion frenzy. A capsule workout wardrobe promotes thoughtful and sustainable consumption, not just benefiting your closet but also making a positive impact on the planet.

Are you ready to redefine your workout wardrobe and make a lasting statement? Dive into the world of a capsule workout wardrobe and experience the joy of fashion with purpose!

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Capsule Wardrobe: Workout Clothes Essentials

These are the key activewear pieces you need to have to create a sustainable workout capsule wardrobe. Say goodbye to a jampacked closet filled with clothes that you hardly ever use.

Sports Bras

Baleaf Freeleaf Cross-Strap Low-Impact Sports Bra

Invest in high-quality sports bras because they're your girls' BFF whenever you crank up weights or sweat buckets in the gym. They've got your back (or rather, your front) during workouts. Your breast size and the kind of activity you dive into are your trusty guides in finding the perfect sports bra with just the right amount of support.

If you're planning on some serious jumping around, a high-impact sports bra is your new workout BFF. For yoga or a quick jog, you can choose to invest in low-impact sports bras like our Freeleaf Cross-Strap Low-Impact Sports Bra crafted from Lycra ADAPTIV fabric technology that molds to your body shape for a more personalized fit.


Baleaf Flyleaf High-Rise Pocketed Leggings

You can't go wrong with a pair of well-fitting leggings—they're essential in any activewear wardrobe and any season.

When you're on the hunt, go for leggings that hug you just right, offering a snug feel without cramping your style. Look for ones that not only enhance your awesome figure but also let you bust out those killer moves without a hitch.

Go for stretchy fabric that's like a sculptor for your curves—making you look and feel fabulous.

Prioritize leggings that boast moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and breathable magic. These materials are your secret weapon for staying comfy and dry, even when your workout game is at its peak.

When getting a pair, it's best to grab high-waisted, squat-proof leggings—your workout sidekick. These wonders, like our Flyleaf High-Rise Pocketed Leggings, not only offer extra support but also give you the coverage you need for that extra boost of security and confidence during your sweat sessions. Ideally, grab a pair that features pockets. They're like your personal gym buddies, keeping your phone and keys safe and sound whether you're indoors or embracing the great outdoors.

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Baleaf Laureate 3" Lightweight Running Shorts

What's a workout wardrobe without a nifty pair of shorts?

Shorts take center stage in your workout wardrobe when things heat up. With a variety of options to choose from, there's a perfect pair for every body type and activity. Take cycling shorts, for instance—they're lifesaversreducing thigh friction and boosting airflow during those hot summer days or intense indoor cycling sessions.

Here's the golden rule: find a length that suits not just your activity but also amps up your confidence and comfort.

Shorts are also total team players. In colder months, you can layer them over thermal or fleece-lined bottoms to level up your versatility game. It's all about staying cool, comfy, and confident in every move you make.

Get your dibs on our lovely Laureate 3" Lightweight Running Shorts. They're perfect for your jogs or as layers on your favorite workout leggings when the temperatures take a dip.

Workout Tops

Cover-ups are a must-have in every workout wardrobe capsule. They have this magical ability to elevate your workout gear into a chic athleisure collection, effortlessly transitioning you from the gym to a quick grocery run in no time.

What are the activewear tops you need to have in your workout capsule wardrobe?

Tank Tops and T-Shirts

Baleaf Sweatleaf U-Neck Tank Top

Tank tops and t-shirts level up the style game of your workout wardrobe. They are also multifunctional clothing investments because you can wear them even on non-workout days—versatile and ready for anything. They're perfect for almost any physical activity, giving you that extra coverage when you need it.

For a fun twist, you can choose pieces with inspiring or humorous slogans for that extra boost during your workouts.

Look lovely in our Sweatleaf U-Neck Tank Top made of moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric. Its compression fit gives your body the right amount of hug to show off those awesome curves you have. Moreover, its built-in bra system gives ample support for various breast shapes.


Baleaf Evergreen Cotton Half-Zip Pullover

Cover-ups are not just about style and versatility. They're your safety net in case of unexpected wardrobe surprises. Imagine a surprise period at the gym—no worries! A trusty pullover can step in, tied stylishly around your waist, providing the coverage you need with a touch of flair. It's all about being prepared and chic at the same time.

Get that lovely coverup feel with our Evergreen Cotton Half-Zip Pullover with soft fleece lining for the extra cold days of your workouts.

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Long Sleeves and Jackets

Baleaf Water-Resistant Hooded Softshell Windbreaker

Long-sleeved shirts and jerseys and track jackets are absolute must-haves for chilly winter or outdoor workouts. They bring warmth without skimping on comfort and style, so you can keep your focus on your training instead of worrying about the temperature taking a nosedive. Stay cozy and chic while you conquer those fitness goals.

Enjoy winter walking or go on a winter cycling adventure while staying warm in our Water-Resistant Hooded Softshell Windbreaker.

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Have a blast mixing and matching your cover-ups! It's the perfect way to flaunt your style and personality while squeezing every bit of awesomeness out of your workout wardrobe.

Sweet Workout Kicks

The real queens of your workout wardrobe are your sweet kicks. They can make or break your training vibes. Your regular go-to shoes might not cut it for the gym, so let's be strategic when shopping. Consider your workout routine and your unique foot type. It's like finding the perfect match for your feet.

Are you a dedicated runner? Invest in some top-notch running shoes that'll keep blisters and corns at bay. If you're a workout enthusiast juggling various activities, look for sneakers made from athletic materials with supportive soles and a killer grip—perfect for any exercise you throw at them.

Your workout shoes are more than just gym buddies. Pick a stylish pair, and they'll effortlessly transition from workout mode to street style. We're talking lunches, nights out, and any place where comfort meets cool. Your workout shoes can do it all, making every step a stylish one.

#wemovetogether With a More Sustainable Workout Wardrobe

Now that you've got the lowdown on building your perfect workout wardrobe, let the shopping adventure begin! Dive into our All Women's collection of activewear made not only for sweating it out in the gym but also as multifunctional pieces to let you transition throughout your daily activities. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

Get ready to move and live well and embrace your fitness journey in style and a whole lot of fun!

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