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How To Choose the Perfect Sports Bra

How To Choose the Perfect Sports Bra

Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or new to exercise, you likely understand the importance of wearing appropriate gear for your workout. For many, this involves donning a high-quality sports bra, specifically designed for physical activity. A proper sports bra supports breast tissue, minimizing discomfort and irritation.

During repetitive movements or high-intensity activities, the breasts can experience considerable movement. A sports bra is instrumental in reducing this motion, minimizing friction, limiting irritation, and providing essential support against the forces of gravity.

So if you're on the hunt for great support for your jewels, let's get to know the details on how to choose the perfect sports bra.

The Importance of Wearing the Right Sports Bra

Baleaf Freeleaf Sports Bra

A sports bra serves not only for comfort but also to safeguard the safety and integrity of your breast tissue during exercise. Unsupported breasts during physical activity can contribute to sagging. Despite lacking muscle, the skin and ligaments that determine the size and shape of breasts can undergo breakdown, irrespective of breast size.

Wearing the wrong bra fit for an activity may lead to distractions and constant adjustments, making a workout less enjoyable and potentially compromising the quality of your training. Moreover, it increases the risk of injury when focus is lost.

A sports bra is different from a regular bra as it has unique design features that offer better support, stability, and less breast movement during exercise. Some sports bras have cups with structures designed to minimize movement, keeping breast tissue securely in place during physical activity. This is particularly advantageous for individuals with larger breasts.

The improved compression and fit of the materials provide more support compared to a regular bra. Additionally, the wider, adjustable, or connected styles of the straps contribute to less movement, offering support that can aid in reducing or eliminating pain.

How To Pick a Good Sports Bra Size

When shopping for a sports bra, similar considerations to those for your everyday bra size apply, but there are a few additional factors to keep in mind to ensure the bra accommodates your chosen exercise routine. Let's get to know them.

Avoid getting a size bigger or smaller than your measurements.

Given that a sports bra is intended to fit snugly, it's advisable to select a size that fits well and possibly even consider a size smaller than your regular daily-wear bra. Regularly recalculating your bra size is beneficial, particularly for women as size changes are common due to factors such as aging, pregnancy, hormonal shifts, or weight gain.

Baleaf Sweatleaf U-Neck Crossback Bra

Our Sweatleaf U-Neck Crossback Bra feels like a second skin, offering a naked sensation. With moisture-wicking and quick-dry features, you can wear this in both light workouts and everyday activities. Its wide shoulder straps and well-fitted armholes offer the best support and easy movement. It's stretches enough to go with your every move.

Check out the padding to prevent nipple protrusion.

Despite the assumption that padding enhances comfort, it's often included for aesthetic purposes, aiming to minimize the appearance of nipple protrusion and create a fuller breast appearance. If you seek these benefits, opt for a sports bra that incorporates padding.

Baleaf Flyleaf Quick-Dry Workout Bra

Baleaf takes pride in using materials that offer the best security pads could offer. Our Flyleaf Quick-Dry Workout Bra is quick-dry and breathable. It offers a great stretch for a more skin-friendly and comfortable feel. The seams are flat to prevent chafing. With removable paddings and wire-free caps, you can experience luxurious freedom and comfort while wearing it as you exercise.

Consider the support your breasts need.

Some sports bras utilize a compression style, which tightly presses both breasts against the body, while others, referred to as encapsulation styles, offer individual cups, often with an underwire.

Compression styles are more suitable for A, B, and C cup sizes while encapsulation sports bras are better for larger breasts and high-impact exercises. The latter are adept at reducing bounce, strain, and potentially curbing long-term sagging.

How to pick a sports bra for a high-impact workout? Choose an encapsulation-compression sports bra. They secure breasts with individual cups, apply pressure against the body, often include underwires, and can be effective for all bust sizes, particularly DD+."

Baleaf Flyleaf UPF50+ Swim Bra

While our Flyleaf UPF50+ Swim Bra may not have an underwire, we take pride that this bra is a high-impact swim bra that stays in place and provides enough support both in swimming and other sports or exercise despite being wire-free. It offers maximum comfort with a pull-on closure for the best support your jewels need.

Choose a sports bra with moisture-wicking abilities.

Investing in exercise gear with moisture-wicking technology is advantageous, especially for sports bras as this area tends to perspire the most during workouts. Fabrics such as cotton retain moisture, whereas moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester don't absorb water as other materials do. Nylon, another moisture-wicking and water-repellent fabric, absorbs more water than polyester and is more durable and lasts longer.

Baleaf Freeleaf Cross-Strap Low-Impact Sports Bra

Baleaf was keen to understand this need. As such, we created the Freeleaf Cross-Strap Low-Impact Sports Bra.

Crafted from Lycra Adaptiv material and featuring REsiltech™ silicone at the bottom for superior chest support and stretch.

This sports bra provides a remarkable 260% stretch capacity to accommodate different body types and movements. With a 92% recovery rate, it maintains its shape even after multiple wears, and its moisture-wicking and breathable design ensures comfort during workouts.

Notable features include semi-fitting water drop cup technology, a one-piece integrated cup, and a cross-strap design, offering seamless high coverage and support.

The bra eliminates awkward lines and protruding paddings, providing a second-skin feel without chafing or rashes.

Easy to put on and take off, it ensures chest pads stay in place during exercise, allowing unrestricted stretches and movements while effectively managing sweat to prevent chest rashes.

How To Pick the Right Sports Bra

Baleaf Freeleaf Sports Bra

Choosing the right style and fit of a sports bra is crucial for comfortable and effective training.

Running Sports Bra

For runners, a sports bra for running is tailored for the activity itself because it needs to be high-impact, ensuring support and minimizing movement to maintain comfort and security.

Running sports bras are crafted from technical, moisture-wicking materials to maintain coolness and enable skin breathability.

Go for high-impact sports bras with wider straps, particularly if you have a larger bust. Consider clasps, ensuring they are secure during running motions and won't come undone.

Yoga, Pilates, and Other Low-Intensity Workouts

For low-impact exercises like yoga or Pilates, choose bras with less support as you'll be engaging in less intense movements. Prioritize comfort, ensuring you can move freely during low-impact activities. Go for moisture-wicking fabrics as you may still sweat during these workouts.


For weightlifting, choose a medium to high-impact sports bra for stability and support. Features like encapsulation or compression styles, adjustable straps, and moisture-wicking fabrics are ideal for intense sessions.

Racerback bras offer mobility but require a precise fit due to non-adjustable straps. Racerbacks benefit those irritated by straps slipping during workouts, especially as the bra stretches over time.

How To Pick a Good Sports Bra With the Right Fit

When selecting a sports bra, it's wise to keep on trying different sizes and styles until you find the one that feels most comfortable for your body and your chosen physical activity.

The sports bra should feel snug but not tight, ensuring comfortable breathing with about two fingers' space between the straps and shoulders. The cup should be smooth, without wrinkles, indicating the right size. If there's an underwire, it should lie flat against the rib cage without pinching or gapping.

Keep Your Jewels in Place

Our collection of Sports Bras gives you not only the appropriately sized sports bra that reduces breast movement and curbs excessive bouncing but also the best fabric to avoid chafing. Our chosen fabrics for each bra get rid of sweating for a more pleasant and comfortable workout experience.

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