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How To Pick the Best Winter Leggings

How To Pick the Best Winter Leggings

A good pair of leggings is a must for travelers, but sometimes basic ones won't work in the cold. For extra-cold days, you need to know how to pick the best winter leggings which are usually lined with fleece or double layered to keep you warm.

Is a regular pair of leggings warm enough to wear in winter?

Standard leggings are usually thin and great for low-impact workouts, but not really that ideal for winter unless you layer them. Cold weather leggings keep you warm in snowy conditions for hours.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Winter Leggings

How To Pick the Best Winter Leggings

Choosing the best leggings for winter can be quite a conundrum. So we narrowed down for you the things you need to check in picking the right base layer to help you survive and enjoy the freezing winter season. 


Consider wool blended with synthetic fibers for a snug fit and better durability. Microfiber leggings provide a smooth look, while quality fleece-lined leggings offer a warm synthetic option.


For winter leggings, think about getting some cozy fleece-lined leggings that trap warmth without adding weight. Fleece-lined leggings are suitable for both exercise and relaxation, depending on the material.


Natural fabrics come in looser knits. But for winter weather, you need leggings that have a tighter knit to keep you more protected from the cold, especially if you want to exercise outside. The best thermal leggings for outdoor workouts in winter offer both the support you need and trap in the heat while letting moisture out to let you move freely and comfortably.  


When buying thermal clothing, inspect the seams for any roughness as they can irritate the skin. Look for garments with flatlock seams, which are smoother and gentler, particularly important for thermal leggings to avoid thigh irritation.

Seams may be one of the most overlooked factors when buying winter wear. But Baleaf understands how important they are. This is why our women's leggings come in flatlock seams to ensure no chaffing.


Denier refers to how heavy a fabric is in tights, stockings, and other hosiery. The higher the denier, the heavier and thicker a material is. 

Sheer tights and nylons usually come with a denier of 10 because they're lighter. Because it's winter, you may opt to choose leggings that have a 40+ denier as it's also resistant to tears.

The Size

Nowadays, there is a wide spectrum of sizes available for every kind of body size. Manufacturers state the sizes available, including the inseam length, to help you identify the best size and fit for your body. Also, several leggings for women offer a high waistband and feature a control-top design to help the leggings stay in place and help tuck in the tummy. So whatever movement you do, whether you're jumping, running, or lifting, your leggings won't ever go with gravity.

Clingy but Not Constricting

Select snug-fitting thermal clothing for comfort and warmth. Well-fitting thermals should contour your body without causing discomfort or excess fabric.


In winter, stay warm and stylish with thermals in your preferred colors and styles, considering options like mesh panels for versatile activities.

The Best Leggings for Winter

Not all thermal leggings are created equal. Baleaf designs each pair a notch higher to give you comfort, versatility, and all the warmth you need to stay toasty in style.

Laureate Thermal Pocketed Leggings

Laureate Thermal Pocketed Leggings

One of our best-sellers, the Laureate Thermal Pocketed Leggings feel like second skin when worn.

With high-rise style, a wide waistband for great coverage, and body-contouring seams, you'll instantly feel sexy in this pair. The inner drawstring helps the leggings stay in place with flatlock seams to avoid chafing.

Laureate Thermal Zipper Pocket Leggings

Laureate Thermal Zipper Pocket leggings

The Laureate Thermal Zipper Pocket Leggings are the perfect leggings for women who love working out even on cold winter days.

Squat as low as you want and stretch out well those muscles because this lovely pair comes in a non-see-through fabric and passed the squat test. Breathable, moisture-wicking, and water-resistant, they can be worn even when exercising outside. With a high-rise and wide waistband for added coverage, they'll surely stay in place. And with a gusseted crotch, say goodbye to having a camel toe!

Laureate High-Rise Thermal Leggings

Laureate High-Rise Thermal Leggings

Our next pair is another perfect pair for the freezing months, especially if want to go ice skating, skiing, camping, running, hiking, and the like, outside.

The Laureate High-Rise Thermal Leggings have similar features to the previous pairs. With a slim fit and stretchy fabric, you'll never see pilling. It hugs the legs effortlessly to get that instant well-toned legs look.

Laureate Multi-Colored Thermal Leggings

Laureate Multi-Colored Thermal Leggings

Get giddy with the Laureate Multi-Colored Thermal Leggings that come in a variety of colors for those who want a bit of flavor in their workouts and runs.

Unlike the previous ones on the list, this pair comes in a mid-rise style but with the same wide waistband and non-see-through fabric for additional comfort and security. Goodbye to chafing and camel toe and hello to sexier and leaner legs!

How to Style the Best Leggings for Winter

Leggings are a winter essential, providing comfort, versatility, and a trendy edge. For a fresh look, turn to Baleaf for fashion inspiration and get creative with your leggings.

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How To Pick the Best Winter Leggings


Elevate your leggings outfits with accessories that complement your style, experimenting with jewelry and scarves while maintaining balance with one or two statement pieces.

Stay classic.

The sweater and leggings combo is a timeless classic. Elevate it with a statement necklace or a patterned scarf.

Pair them up with a cardigan.

Cardigans and leggings provide warmth and comfort. To maintain your shape, pair them with a fitted T-shirt or thin sweater.

Play with outerwear.

Winter wardrobes include essential outerwear for warmth and style; layer thin pieces and top with a cropped denim jacket or longer oversized outerwear for added coverage and warmth.

Grab a graphic tee.

Pair graphic tees with leggings for a relaxed look and add a focal point, then layer with a chunky cardigan or denim jacket for warmth.

Professionalize a pair.

Surprisingly, leggings can also be office-appropriate when paired with a collared shirt, sweater, and layered with an oversized blazer or trench coat.

Look lovely in a dress.

Dresses can be versatile in cold weather with layering. Go for loose or fitted styles and balance with a cardigan or denim jacket.

Layer it up.

Layering is crucial in winter.

Use leggings as a base layer. Begin with thin layers. Add sweaters and coats. Balance the outfit with chunky boots.

"The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Ski Leggings" gives practicable tips on how to layer up with Baleaf's ski leggings to let you enjoy the winter chill.

Make the shoe fit.

Your shoe choice can significantly change your leggings outfit; in winter, consider thigh-high suede boots for style or plain combat boots for a casual look.

Adieu, Winter Chills! Hello, Warmth!

Thermal leggings are essential base layers for your winter wardrobe, just like thermals and winter accessories. 

Check out our wide range of women's leggings and men's base layers bottoms to beat the freezing tempratures.

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