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The Best Leggings for Every Body Type and Budget

The Best Leggings for Every Body Type and Budget

When selecting leggings, it may seem tempting to pick a stylish option without much thought. However, a few months later, you might regret not taking the time to carefully consider your choices when faced with leggings that have stretched out or turned see-through.

To steer clear of such fashion mishaps, we have here a guide on how to choose the best leggings for your body type and when on a budget. Your perfect match should feel like second skin, flatters your natural silhouette, and highlights your assets without giving pain to your wallet.

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How To Choose the Best Leggings According to Your Body Type or Shape

The Best Leggings for Every Body Type and Budget

Each body is unique, and gaining an understanding of your own body can empower you to make choices that enhance your confidence and comfort. Identifying your body shape is the initial step toward smart-styling, well-fitting attire, and feeling truly comfortable in your own skin.

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Pear Body Shape

The pear body shape, also known as a triangle, is distinguished by a triangular form, where the shoulders are typically narrower than the hips, setting it apart from the inverted triangle body type.

Key features of the pear-shaped female body include a weight distribution that is mainly concentrated on the lower hips and thighs, a small upper body, a well-defined waist, large hips, and thick thighs.

For individuals with this body type, the recommendation is to divert attention from the hips and emphasize the upper body, achieving a balanced look. Maintaining proportion and highlighting the upper body is crucial, with advice from experts suggesting the use of layered clothing, structured garments around the shoulders, and selecting colors and fabrics that draw attention to the upper part. Emphasizing the naturally small waist is essential, and to achieve this, avoid drawing attention to the lower body.

Achieve balanced proportions by choosing high-rise leggings with a fit that cinches the waist. Choose a style that effectively smooths the hips, thighs, and butt for a flattering look. Consider high-rise leggings to elongate your legs and create the illusion of a more defined waist.

Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass body shape, characterized by similar measurements in both the shoulders and hips with a smaller waist, focuses attention on creating curves between the chest and hips.

Identifying this body type involves checking for a defined waistline, rounded hips, thicker thighs, and equal width in the bottom and upper body parts. Weight gain tends to distribute evenly throughout the entire body for individuals with this silhouette, creating a naturally balanced and proportionate appearance.

Fortunately, your body shape is versatile, and nearly any style of leggings will complement it. Nevertheless, high-waisted leggings are especially flattering, emphasizing your waist and contributing to an hourglass silhouette. Choose leggings with strategic seams or panels designed to highlight your curves and enhance your natural shape.

Draw inspiration from celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez to get insights on how to complement and showcase the hourglass shape effectively.

Rectangle Body Shape

The Best Leggings for Every Body Type and Budget

The rectangle body shape is defined by a lack of distinct curves at the waist and hips, showcasing a balanced width between the shoulders and hips, giving rise to an athletic frame.

Key features include a modest bustline, straight shoulders, a tendency to accumulate weight in the upper back, limited waist definition, and hips with a width similar to the shoulders, contributing to a body form characterized by minimal curves.

Typically, women with a rectangular body shape are tall and lean, lacking distinct curves. As such, they have to create the illusion of the coveted luscious curves.

To achieve such a silhouette, choose leggings adorned with details such as ruching, mesh panels, or color-blocking. These embellishments add visual interest and create the semblance of a more defined waist. Additionally, high-rise leggings can contribute to the appearance of curves, bestowing a more feminine shape.

Apple Body Shape

The apple body shape, also known as the oval, is characterized by a larger bust, a pronounced belly, and wide hips. Typically, weight gain occurs in the chest and abdomen while the legs remain slender.

Common features of female bodies with an oval or apple shape include similar measurements in the bust, waist, and hips, a curvy overall shape, an undefined waistline, rounded shoulders, and slim legs relative to the rest of their body.

Elevate your body shape with leggings by choosing styles that provide support and compression around your midsection. Choose leggings featuring a wide waistband positioned above your belly button to efficiently smooth and shape your stomach area. Avoid leggings with busy patterns or bright colors around your midsection as they can draw unnecessary attention to this area.

Take style inspo from celebrities, like Drew Barrymore and Rebel Wilson, creating vertical lines with garments to achieve the desired effect.

The Best Women’s Leggings When on a Budget

It doesn't mean that just because you're on a budget you'll sacrifice high-quality leggings that boast comfort, style, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying properties for your workouts.

Baleaf's budget-friendly leggings do not sacrifice fabric quality, comfort, and style. Each pair beautifully captures women's natural assets without breaking the bank.

Flyleaf 3-Pocket Leggings

Baleaf Flyleaf 3-Pocket Leggings

Introducing the Flyleaf 3-Pocket Leggings, the best women's leggings with pockets. This pair is crafted from 87% nylon and 13% Spandex for solid colors, guaranteeing a non-see-through wear after having passed the squat test. These leggings boast a soft and skin-friendly texture, designed in a comfortable mid-rise style. The wide waistband not only provides maximum coverage but also ensures your tummy stays in check.

Featuring three pockets for added convenience and a gusseted crotch to eliminate the possibility of a camel toe, these leggings prioritize both functionality and comfort. With flatlock seams preventing chafing and body-contouring seams that feel like a comforting hug, the Flyleaf 3-Pocket Leggings offer a blend of style and practicality for a versatile wardrobe essential.

Sustainable Seamless Leggings

Baleaf Sustainable Seamless Leggings

The Sustainable Seamless Leggings stand out as the best hiking leggings for women, featuring a high-rise style with a wide waistband for maximum coverage that stays securely in place. With body-contouring seams providing a comforting embrace and flatlock seams ensuring no chafing, these leggings prioritize 100% comfort, especially with the removal of seams running down the inner leg.

Equipped with three pockets, these leggings are perfect for a range of activities, including running, hiking, cycling, travel, yoga, skiing, camping, and casual strolling.

Going beyond comfort, they are also eco-friendly, made from recycled materials like fishnets and plastic bottles, crafting recycled polyester or recycled nylon for a sustainable and stylish choice in leggings.

Sweatleaf High-Rise 27'' Leggings

Baleaf Sweatleaf High-Rise 27'' Leggings

The Sweatleaf High-Rise 27'' Leggings, comprised of 69% nylon and 31% Spandex, stand out as the best running leggings for women, having successfully passed the squat test and providing a non-see-through performance. With moisture-wicking and quick-dry features, these leggings ensure a skin-friendly and comfortable experience during high-impact activities.

With high-rise style, a wide waistband for maximum coverage, three pockets, a compressive fit that feels like a gentle hug, and flatlock seams preventing chafing, these leggings are the ideal choice for activities like yoga, running, and weight training.

Flyleaf High-Rise Pocketed Leggings

Baleaf Flyleaf High-Rise Pocketed Leggings

The Flyleaf High-Rise Pocketed Leggings, crafted from 89.8% nylon and 10.2% Spandex, excel in both the squat test and non-see-through performance. Boasting a four-way stretch, these leggings are soft, moisture-wicking, and incredibly skin-friendly for enduring comfort.

As one of the best women's leggings for squats, they feature a slim fit, high-rise style with a wide waistband for maximum coverage, two pockets, and flatlock seams to ensure a chafe-free experience during any activity.

Laureate V-Waist Leggings

Baleaf Laureate V-Waist Leggings

The Laureate V-Waist Leggings, comprising 74% polyester and 26% Spandex, not only feature a sexy v-shaped waistband but also effectively keep the tummy in place. Having successfully passed the squat test and offering a non-see-through quality, these leggings are recognized for their stretchy, soft, and comfortable feel.

With a high-rise style, a hidden waistband pocket, flatlock seams ensuring no chafing, and a seamless design, they cater to various occasions, serving as the perfect choice for shaping, slimming, postpartum moms, yoga, and workouts.

Laureate High-Rise Thermal Leggings

Baleaf Laureate High-Rise Thermal Leggings

Laureate High-Rise Thermal Leggings, crafted from 87% polyester and 13% Spandex, emerge as the best winter leggings for women, excelling in both the squat test and non-see-through durability.

As a best-seller of the house, these leggings boast stretchiness, water resistance, and a no-pilling feature. Their soft fleece lining efficiently traps heat, keeping you warm and cozy, making them the best leggings for cold weather.

Featuring a slim fit, high-rise design for maximum coverage during movement, two side pockets, contouring lines that enhance body curves, and flatlock seams to ensure no chafing, these leggings prioritize both style and functionality.

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Freeleaf 27" Seamless High-Rise Leggings

Baleaf Freeleaf 27" Seamless High-Rise Leggings

Baleaf breaks free from the usual body conventions with the Freeleaf 27" Seamless High-Rise Leggings that adjust themselves according to your body shape and fit. Made from Lycra ADAPTIV fabric and new sweat-wicking technology, these leggings offer a customizable fit that lets you cut them at your desired length when needed.

Seamless, smooth, moisture-wicking, flexible, and super comfortable on the skin, these leggings allow unrestricted movement, giving you the freedom to easily do those beautiful yoga poses, running and cycling sprints, amazing Pilates moves, including a lazy lounge at home or day out with friends.

These leggings prioritize comfort while allowing you to put on your best signature style! 

Love and Embrace Your Given Body Shape

Selecting the perfect pair of leggings requires careful consideration of your body shape. A clear understanding of your body shape empowers you to highlight specific features you want to accentuate while minimizing others.

Baleaf's Women's Leggings collection features the best leggings that embrace curves, accentuate assets, and provide support, contributing to a sleek silhouette and a sense of security, influencing not just posture and attitude but radiating through overall self-confidence.

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