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Baleaf’s Fleece-Lined Leggings You Should Have In Your Winter Wardrobe

Baleaf’s Fleece-Lined Leggings You Should Have In Your Winter Wardrobe

As the temperatures drop, there's no need to bid farewell to leggings and tights altogether. Instead, welcome the warmth with fleece-lined leggings that will keep you snug throughout the winter. Despite their appearance resembling typical workout leggings, these pairs boast a luxuriously soft fleece interior for added insulation. Whether you're on the go, hitting the slopes, or enjoying outdoor dining, fleece-lined leggings ensure both coziness and chic style.

At Baleaf, we rigorously test various types in the lab and have real-life testers put them to the ultimate comfort test. Our pros assess factors, such as shrinkage after washing, stretch recovery, opacity, and moisture-wicking capabilities to ensure you get the best leggings experience.

Because winter is here, let's take a look at the Baleaf's fleece-lined leggings you should have in your winter wardrobe.

Laureate Thermal Pocketed Leggings

Baleaf Laureate Thermal Pocketed Leggings

One of the best sellers of the house is our Laureate Thermal Pocketed Leggings.

Crafted from a blend of 87% polyester and 13% spandex, these leggings have successfully passed the squat test, ensuring non-see-through wear.

The soft and brushed fleece lining not only traps heat but also guarantees a warm and cozy experience. With a high-rise style and a wide waistband providing maximum coverage, these leggings stay securely in place, thanks to an inner drawstring.

Featuring three pockets – two side pockets and one hidden waistband pocket – practicality meets comfort. The flatlock seams prevent chafing while body-contouring seams create a sensation akin to stepping into a hug.

Ideal for various activities, such as yoga, running, hiking, cycling, skiing, and ice skating, these leggings are perfect for both layering and solo wear.

Laureate Thermal Zipper Pocket Leggings

Baleaf Laureate Thermal Zipper Pocket Leggings

Say hello to your new favorite leggings - the Laureate Thermal Zipper Pocket Leggings, another best-seller of the house!

They're made with a mix of 87% polyester and 13% spandex, and guess what? They aced the squat test, so you can confidently rock them without any see-through surprises. Plus, they're not just leggings. They're your breathable, skin-friendly companions that wick away moisture, making them perfect for any activity.

But wait, there's more! These leggings are not just about style. They're built for comfort and functionality. The high-rise style ensures a flattering fit, and the wide waistband doesn't just look good – it keeps your tummy in check! With a convenient zipper pocket on the back for your essentials and a gusseted crotch to banish any worries of a camel toe, these leggings have got you covered.

And the details? They're on point! Flatlock seams make sure there's no chafing.

How about the the body-contouring seams? It's like stepping into a hug every time you put them on. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, or just running errands, these leggings are your perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality.

Laureate Multi-Colored Thermal Leggings

Laureate Multi-Colored Thermal Leggings

It's raining best sellers here!

Meet your new go-to leggings that are as cozy as a warm hug! Crafted with 87% polyester and 13% spandex, the Laureate Multi-Colored Thermal Leggings not only aced the squat test (no see-through mishaps here!) but also come with a soft, brushed fleece lining that'll keep you feeling warm and toasty. They're not just soft. They're your ultimate comfort buddies whether you're lounging at home or braving the outdoors.

But that's not all – these leggings are designed with thoughtful details. Sporting a trendy mid-rise style and a wide waistband that offers maximum coverage, they not only look good but also feel good.

Need a place for your essentials? No problem! There's a hidden waistband pocket just for that. Worried about the dreaded camel toe? The gusseted crotch has got it covered. Plus, with flatlock seams ensuring no chafing, you can strut around in these leggings all day long.

And guess what? There's a wide selection of colors, so there's one for every mood and occasion! Whether you're layering up for a chilly day or rocking them solo for a workout session, these leggings are your versatile, feel-good companions.

Laureate Thermal Water-Resistant Leggings

Baleaf Laureate Thermal Water-Resistant Leggings

Alright, let's spill the tea about the Laureate Thermal Water-Resistant Leggings. It has the 82% polyester and 18% spandex magic blend. These lovely pair not only survived the squat test (no booty show here!) but also come with a soft, brushed fleece lining that's like wrapping your legs in a warm hug. Rain or shine, these leggings got your back because they're water-resistant.

These leggings are reaching new heights – literally, with a high rise and an inner drawstring to keep them locked in place.

Four pockets? Yup, you read it right – 2 side pockets, 1 rear pocket, and a sneaky inner pocket for your secrets.

No seams running down the inner leg means ultimate comfort – no chafing, no drama. Plus, those body-contouring seams? It's like these leggings were tailor-made to embrace you in a cozy hug.

Perfect for all your moves – yoga, running, hiking, cycling, skiing, and even ice skating if you're feeling extra fancy. These leggings are your all-occasion, go-to comfy essentials.

Laureate High-Rise Thermal Leggings

Baleaf Laureate High-Rise Thermal Leggings

Discover for yourself why the Laureate High-Rise Thermal Leggings is another best-seller.

When it comes to activewear, these leggings are a cut above the rest. Crafted with 87% polyester and 13% spandex, they not only passed the squat test flawlessly but also boast a stretchy, water-resistant fabric that resists pilling, ensuring longevity and performance. The soft fleece lining takes things up a notch, trapping heat to keep you not just warm but downright cozy – a game-changer for those chilly days.

With a slim fit that complements your curves, a high-rise design providing maximum coverage during all your moves, and cleverly placed pockets (2 side pockets and a hidden waistband pocket), these leggings are as practical as they are stylish.

The contouring lines enhance your body's natural curves, giving you that streamlined look while flatlock seams ensure zero chafing, making them a go-to for intense workouts or casual strolls alike.

From yoga sessions to intense workouts, running to cycling, skiing to camping, and even leisurely activities like ice skating, walking, or hiking – these leggings are engineered for every occasion, providing both style and performance that won't let you down.

Laureate Thermal Mid Rise Tights (No Padding)

Baleaf Laureate Thermal Mid-Rise Tights

Get ready to fall head over heels for these incredible leggings - the Laureate Thermal Mid-Rise Tights (No Padding)! Crafted with a winning combo of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, they're not just activewear – they're a breath of fresh air. The breathable and moisture-wicking fabric will have you feeling cool and collected, while the soft, brushed fleece lining is like a warm hug, keeping you snug and cozy in all your outdoor adventures.

But hold up, the features are where these leggings truly shine. With a trendy mid-rise design, a convenient back zipper pocket, and flatlock seams ensuring a chafe-free experience, they've got your comfort covered.

The ankle zips? Pure genius – they expand the width of the ankle cuffs, accommodating those boots like a champ.

And let's talk safety – reflective elements add an extra layer of visibility for those low-light conditions. Whether you're hitting the pavement for a run, dominating in athletics, or crushing it in spin class, these leggings are your ticket to style, comfort, and peak performance.

From outdoor jogs to bike rides, they're your go-to for all things active!

Laureate High-Rise Zipper Pockets Thermal Leggings

Baleaf Laureate High-Rise Zipper Pockets Thermal Leggings

Let's take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of the Laureate High-Rise Zipper Pockets Thermal Leggings! With a composition of 75% polyester and 25% spandex, they're more than just winter wear – they're a warm, water-resistant marvel. The thoughtful design includes a high-rise style and a four-way stretch, ensuring not only breathability but also non-see-through comfort that adapts to your every move.

These leggings stand out in the crowd. Four pockets – count 'em, 2 side pockets and 2 side deep pockets – provide ample storage for your essentials while the waistband loop is a game-changer for carrying keys and small items.

Add in flatlock seams that ensure no chafing, and you've got a winning combination. These leggings aren't just for a specific activity – they're your versatile go-to for running, hiking, cycling, skiing, workouts, yoga, or even just everyday use.

Easy to match with jerseys and jackets or sneakers, they can also pull double duty as a reliable base layer under ski pants or other trousers.

You'd definitely give these leggings deserves a round of applause!

Baleaf Keeps You Warm In Winter

Explore Baleaf's diverse selection of fleece-lined bottoms for women, featuring a range of styles and colors. Discover your perfect women's fleece-lined pants and leggings here!

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