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What To Wear to the Airport: Jetsetter Style Hacks

What To Wear to the Airport: Jetsetter Style Hacks

Carefully selecting your airport attire is a vital aspect of travel preparation. Beyond making a fashion statement, prioritizing comfort and functionality is crucial. As you navigate the airport, endure lines, and spend extended periods sitting, choose cozy clothing.

The best travel outfit ideas focus on ease and adaptability, catering to early morning flights or extended international destinations. Your attire should seamlessly transition from the airplane cabin's cool environment to the warmer climates of your destination.

For optimal comfort and style, athleisure outfits are the ultimate choice. Think of versatile pieces like leggings, joggers and sweatpants, layerable tops, t-shirts, and easily removable pullovers.

Complete your ensemble with slip-on and slip-off footwear for convenience, and consider utilitarian bags to streamline packing and security checkpoints.

Whether embarking on a quick business trip or a long-awaited vacation, these airport outfits guarantee you're well-prepared and comfortable throughout your entire travel experience—from departure to arrival.

What is airport fashion?

What To Wear to the Airport: Jetsetter Style Hacks

In our modern world, airport fashion prioritizes comfort, reflecting the reality of airlines maximizing every inch and minimizing legroom, eliminating the likelihood of an empty seat beside you. While there was a time when flying was an occasion to dress up, the airport's role as a platform for showcasing celebrity style has evolved, with shifts ranging from security restrictions to a societal turn against private jets. Today, flying is no longer a leisurely pursuit but a Herculean effort.

What To Wear to the Airport

Master the art of multi-tasking with your wardrobe—packing light becomes a breeze when you nail it. Explore a plethora of versatile travel outfit ideas with a swift online search. However, don't solely focus on the thrilling quick-change concepts. Prioritize pieces that can easily transition from casual to dressy based on the occasion.

Cozy in Joggers

Baleaf Evergreen Modal Joggers

Airport navigation can feel like a sport, and your go-to allies for comfort are joggers or tracksuit bottoms. They provide maximum comfort and flexibility and are ideal for long walks to your gate or unexpected dashes to catch a connecting flight. Pair them with a form-fitting tank top or t-shirt, and complete the ensemble with an oversized jacket for a balanced look. Add a chain-link necklace or a sleek watch to elevate the coziness without compromising style.

Feel cozy in our Evergreen Modal Joggers that boast a high-rise style, a regular fit for ultimate comfort, an elastic waistband with a drawstring for a customized fit, and three convenient pockets, ensuring a soft, breathable, and comfy experience.

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Snug in a Pair of Leggings

Baleaf Freeleaf 27" Seamless High-Rise Leggings

Embraced by numerous travelers, full-length leggings are an obvious choice when contemplating holiday outfits and elevating your airport fashion.

With a clean and streamlined appearance, they excel on travel days when comfort is a must. Many options include practical features such as pockets for conveniently storing your phone and ID. Complete the look by pairing them with a lengthy, relaxed top and an oversized pullover or sweatshirt to counterbalance the leggings' fitted silhouette.

The Freeleaf 27" Seamless High-Rise Leggings, crafted with super stretch technology, are tailored to complement and enhance all body shapes, featuring a seamless design for a sleek appearance and high-quality fabric that delivers a luxurious feel against the skin, providing unparalleled freedom of movement, which is what you need when traveling.

Warm in a Hoodie

Baleaf Laureate Hooded Jacket

Embrace hoodies and sweatshirts as your go-to companions for chilly airplane cabins or early morning flights—they even double as a pillow if you shed a layer and need extra comfort.

Combine these cozy layers with joggers or leggings. For added style, consider throwing on a bomber jacket. Choosing to wear a jacket on the plane not only keeps you warm but also serves as a clever packing hack, reducing weight in your checked bag.

The Laureate Hooded Jacket, designed as your ideal airport travel companion to keep you warm, offers water-resistant and anti-pilling features, a slim fit with a hip length, a convenient full-zip closure for easy on/off, a hoodie and thumbholes to ward off the wind, and three functional pockets.

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Comfortable in a Sports Bra

Essential for those who value comfort and support, light-support bras make for a wardrobe staple. Pair them effortlessly with a semi-sheer top for a touch of subtle style. Enhance the layered look by adding a pendant necklace or two for an extra dose of personality.

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Easy in a Tee

Baleaf Laureate Boatneck Slouch

Casual t-shirts prioritize comfort, a crucial element for travel, but there's no harm in adding a touch of style.

Look beyond the usual V-necks and crew necks and choose an oversized rugby-style silhouette. Pair your preferred choice with relaxed-fit joggers or cargo trousers and complete the look with a classic baseball cap or beanie.

Experience laidback comfort during your plane ride with the Laureate Boatneck Slouch Fit Tee, designed for breathability, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying, featuring a boat neckline design, loose fit with a hip length suitable for various body types, and flatlock seams ensuring no chafing.

All in the Bag

Choose a practical bag. Going for a duffel or backpack is a smart decision for travel, given their ample pockets and convenient straps for easy packing and carrying. Elevate your travel style by embracing a monochromatic approach, coordinating your socks and hat for a cohesive and impactful look.

If your destination involves warm weather, perhaps a beach holiday, and you're eager to change out of your airport outfit upon landing, pack an athletic dress, a matching cardigan, and a pair of strappy sandals in your carry-on for a swift and stylish transformation.

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Additional Airport Fashion Ideas

While these represent the essential considerations when selecting comfortable airport outfits, here are a few additional points for a pleasant travel experience:

Avoid tight clothing.

Fitted clothes might look stylish but can be uncomfortably warm. Go for adorable airport outfits, such as a breezy dress or stretchy shorts, for both style and comfort. Don't forget to layer and go with the flow if you encounter unexpected weather upon landing.

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Choose breathable fabrics.

Anything that retains sweat is less than ideal during a flight. Additionally, consider wrinkle-free options to avoid stepping off the plane with a disheveled appearance – maintaining a polished look, especially if you're heading straight to a hotel room, is always a good idea.

Choose clothes with pockets.

Pockets are game changers in airport fashion outfits. They can transform your clothes into an additional carry-on, allowing you to choose stylish alternatives like a sling bag instead of a bulky handbag or backpack.

Blazers or jackets with pockets provide convenient storage for essentials like your phone, keys, passport, and small items that would otherwise occupy space in your carry-on luggage. Just be cautious not to overfill your pockets to the point of bursting.

Avoid over-accessorizing.

Minimize accessories to streamline the security check process and ensure comfort during a lengthy flight.

Fly High and Comfortably in Baleaf Athleisure Style

While traveling entails the labor of packing, your sartorial fashion should not take a backseat. Look fab and stylish from check-in to take off and landing in athleisure style, your ultimate airport fashion style.

So get your dibs from our All Women's and All Men's collection and make the airport your runway.

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