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How To Style Bermuda Shorts for that Summer Cool Vibe

How To Style Bermuda Shorts for that Summer Cool Vibe

Bermuda shorts stand as the quintessential transitional essential, serving as a versatile wardrobe staple that gracefully adapts to various occasions. Whether crafted from leather, denim, or silk, their elegant length embodies the essence of summer, radiating a sense of fun, sunshine, and beach vibes. Remarkably adaptable, these shorts effortlessly traverse seasons and fashion styles.

Bermuda shorts have undergone a transformative evolution from the nostalgic styles of yesteryears. The contemporary rendition features a slightly extended, slimmer, and impeccably tailored design, exuding a sophisticated and endlessly wearable charm.

Embracing a more mature aesthetic, these shorts now manifest in high-waisted variations, wide-legged silhouettes, alluring shapes, and an array of flattering fabrics. While consistently gracing the runways, navigating this revamped style for the first time may warrant some styling assistance, ensuring you confidently embrace the updated and refined allure of Bermuda shorts.

What are Bermuda shorts?

What are Bermuda shorts?

Like many fashion pieces, shorts have military roots. The British army, seeking a uniform suitable for tropical climates in their colonies, introduced knee-length shorts. Adopted by bankers in Bermuda in the 1920s, the trend spread as British and East Coast American tourists brought it home. Worn with high socks like the British army and Bermuda businessmen, these "Bermuda" shorts initially faced bans in some U.S. towns and universities during the 1950s, but such taboos disappeared by the 1980s.

While we've ditched the high socks, Bermuda shorts remain a go-to for staying cool and stylish in warm weather.

How to Wear Bermuda Shorts

For a chic look in women's Bermuda shorts, it's all about finding the right length for your style and the occasion. The classic inch above the knee is timeless, but feel free to experiment with lengths, keeping them not too short or too long. Show off those sun-kissed calves with slightly shorter cuts or go for a casual vibe by rolling up longer pairs.

Bermuda shorts nowadays come in a range of choices, from high to low-waisted, wide-leg flares, tailored or loose fits, rolled hemlines, and stylish frays or rips. Whatever your preferred Bermuda shorts style, there's a perfect fit for you. If you're unsure or it's a special occasion, have some fun experimenting with different options before making your final decision.

How to Style Bermuda Shorts

Now that you've got your favorite Bermuda shorts, it's time to have fun styling outfits that match your personality.

Ladies, get ready for some inspiration on putting together fantastic Bermuda shorts outfits!

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Go feminine.

Baleaf Flyleaf Pull-On Bermuda Shorts

White Bermudas go with everything – pair them with cropped tops or tanks for a chic and feminine look, whether you're heading out for a night on the town or enjoying a casual summer stroll.

Our Flyleaf Pull-On Bermuda Shorts let you transition seamlessly and stylishly throughout your day.

Feel sophisticated.

Baleaf Laureate Ruched Waist Bermuda Shorts

For dressier occasions, go for a slimmer, more tailored fit in neutral colors. Perfect for days out, luncheon dates, and even as part of a stylish Bermuda shorts outfit for the office. Make a statement with your top choice or pair them with an oversized shirt and a ladylike wool knit for a touch of flair.

Fall in love with the ruched details on the waistline for a more sophisticated touch in our Laureate Ruched Waist Bermuda Shorts.

Stay relaxed and casual.

Baleaf Flyleaf UPF50+ Water-Resistant Bermuda Shorts

If you're in the mood to give that comfy and relaxed feel, match your Bermuda shorts with breezy pieces like tees and tanks, or tuck them into short-sleeved shirts for a polished look. Experiment with a cute pleat if you want to blend a touch of masculinity with femininity.

Take our Flyleaf UPF50+ Water-Resistant Bermuda Shorts for an amazing stroll in town.

Go bold with colors.

Baleaf Laureate High Rise Bermuda Shorts

Bring a tropical vibe to your Bermuda shorts outfit with vibrant and eclectic color schemes. Dive into your wardrobe for bold pieces, especially ones in neon greens, vivid yellows, or playful pinks. Let those colors pop!

Let our olive green Laureate High Rise Bermuda Shorts add a refreshing feel to your beach or summer getaway.

Show off those athletic vibes.

Baleaf Evergreen Drawstring Bermuda Shorts

Embrace a sporty vibe while staying style-savvy on the go. Go for soft cotton, fleece, or quilted Bermudas with a shorter length for those laid-back athletic vibes. Pair them up with matching colored tops and vests for effortlessly stylish Bermuda shorts outfits.

Don an athleisure aura with our Evergreen Drawstring Bermuda Shorts paired with your favorite tank.

What To Wear With Bermuda Shorts

Let's make your outfit look pulled together in a pair of Bermuda shorts.

Structured Tops

Achieve a clean and modern look with a crisp button-down. Boyfriend-fit Bermuda shorts pair particularly well with structured tops for a polished ensemble.

Feminine Tops

Long shorts might give off a more masculine vibe and might not be the most flattering, but don't worry. Amp up the femininity with a lace or eyelet top, some cute ruffles, pleats, or even a top with fuller sleeves. These additions will keep your outfit feeling absolutely feminine and fabulous!

Fitted Tops or Oversized Tees

If you've got that lovely hourglass or rectangular shape, a bodysuit can look absolutely adorable paired with boyfriend Bermuda shorts.

You can also go for the comfy-cool vibes with an oversized tee – it's a great choice. Grab a playful graphic tee and give it that laid-back feel by half-tucking it into your shorts.

Knotted Shirts

Go for a knotted tee or a tie-front shirt to not only add a cute detail but also to shorten the length of your shirt and elongate those fabulous legs. Since Bermuda shorts can cut off your leg line in the middle, any shirts that work their magic to lengthen your legs are just what you need for that ideal look.

What Shoes To Wear with Bermuda Shorts

How To Style Bermuda Shorts for that Summer Cool Vibe

Bermuda shorts offer versatile styling options, and pairing them with sandals adds a touch of comfort and coolness on warm days. Sandals come in various styles, offering a choice between casual or dressy, depending on the material and construction.

Slip-ons, like loafers, are easy and comfortable, fitting seamlessly with both shorts and pants for various occasions.

Sneakers, practical and stylish, work well for anything from a date night to a gym session.

Flip-flops provide a comfortable and casual option for the summer heat.

Oxfords or brogues, not only stylish but also comfortable, are great for long walks, complementing Bermuda shorts with a touch of sophistication.

Whether you opt for sandals, sneakers, or flats, Bermuda shorts provide the perfect canvas for a variety of stylish and practical footwear choices.

A Timeless Staple Fit for All Seasons

Ready to dive into the world of Bermuda shorts outfits and their incredible versatility? The knee-grazing silhouette brings a cute style, available in every design and color imaginable for perfect pairings. With endless combinations, a few personal twists will not only make you stand out but keep you stylish all year round.

If you're on the hunt for your first pair of Bermuda Shorts, check out our Women's Shorts & Underwear collection. And if you want to match versatile and stylish tops with them, head on to our Women's Tops collection and elevate your fashion game.

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