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Awesome Ways to Style an Exercise Dress as Everyday Wear

Awesome Ways to Style an Exercise Dress as Everyday Wear

Say goodbye to the comfort vs. style dilemma! Leggings and sweatshirts are reliable, but for those breezy and fashionable moments, workout shorts might not cut it.

Introducing the latest athleisure craze – exercise dresses, seamlessly blending comfort with feminine charm. It's activewear that transitions effortlessly into everyday chic, the ultimate wardrobe game-changer!

Sport enthusiasts have spotted these stylish dresses on tennis courts, aligning perfectly with the popular preppy fashion wave. Imagine pairing your favorite tennis or exercise dress with a stunning tennis bracelet for a dreamy sporty chic look tailored for daily activities.

Get into the art of styling, finding that perfect balance between casual and sporty. Dive into these style hacks for making an exercise dress your everyday fashion statement.

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Do top layering.

Baleaf Evergreen 1/4 Zipper Dress

While an activewear dress may initially give off a gym-ready vibe, don't underestimate its versatility. Layering is the key to transforming it into a chic, everyday outfit. Elevate your look with stylish hair accessories, turning your exercise dress into a versatile mini dress. For a coastal vibe, throw on a sweater over your shoulders, and you're all set for your day or even a day at Wimbledon.

Look casual and preppy in our Evergreen 1/4 Zipper Dress. Stay comfortable in a breathable, soft, and moisture-wicking knee-length dress with a non-see-through design, featuring a slim fit, quarter-zip collar, pleated design for a flattering look, and invisible pockets for added convenience.

Turn the dress into a skirt.

Baleaf Flyleaf Ribbed 2-in-1 Tank Dress

Transforming outdoor exercise dresses into a skirt is a breeze, and you don't need any complicated hacks. Just add a longer top or sweater over your dress, creating the illusion of two separate pieces instead of one. This not only offers versatile styling options for your exercise dress but also provides an extra layer on top, keeping you warm and stylish.

Experience ultra-soft comfort with our Flyleaf Ribbed 2-in-1 Tank Dress. It comes in a highly opaque fabric that conceals undergarments during movement, complemented by a sleeveless tennis dress featuring a slimmer fitted cut for a streamlined silhouette.

Layer underneath.

Baleaf Laureate UPF 50+ 2-in-1 Dress

While we're familiar with layering over a dress, why not try layering underneath? Add a layer underneath to achieve a shirt-dress combination, reminiscent of the '90s trend. This easy switch instantly gives your outfit a street-style vibe without much effort. Just throw on a solid-colored tee or long sleeves under your dress for a cool and retro look.

Check out our Laureate UPF 50+ 2-in-1 Dress that features breathable, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking properties. Featuring a mock collar, zippered placket, well-fitted armholes for ease of movement, and back pleats for added style, this all-around dress is a must-have in your fashion ensemble.

Embrace the athleisure aesthetic.

Baleaf Laureate 2-in-1 Tank Dress

While there are numerous ways to mix and match to turn the best exercise dresses into different wardrobe staples, there's a certain charm in wearing them as intended.

Embrace the athleisure vibe by teaming your exercise dress with retro sneakers or workout shoes, creating a look that exudes a post-gym casual chic. With the increasing popularity of this trend, rocking an exercise dress in everyday settings is now more comfortable and stylish, even if you're not hitting the gym in it.

Our Laureate 2-in-1 Tank Dress gives that perfect athleisure vibe on and off the court, featuring a crew neck, two side pockets for essentials, well-fitted armholes for ease of movement, and a slightly flared bottom with additional pockets.

Choose printed ones.

Baleaf Laureate UPF50+ Floral Swimdress

In the search for exercise dresses, you'll often encounter solid colors like white, black, or navy blue – classic athleisure choices that facilitate versatile outfit combinations for your workouts. But if you're aiming to seamlessly integrate your exercise dress with the rest of your wardrobe, consider opting for pieces featuring prints and designs. This not only transforms your dress into a stylish mini-dress but also adds a touch of fun to your workout attire.

Feel carefree and breezy in your vacations and beach getaways in our Laureate UPF50+ Floral Swimdress. Enjoy UPF 50+ sun protection and chlorine resistance. Experience quick-dry comfort with a flattering shirred neck design, adjustable open back, internal shelf bra, and separated shorts with side pockets featuring flatlock seams for ultimate comfort and durability.

Elevate the dress with boots or heels.

Baleaf Laureate UPF 50+ Sleeveless Pleated Dress

In the realm of athleisure, it's customary to pair your clothing with sneakers or running shoes, maintaining a casual and sporty vibe. However, for a unique spin on your exercise dress, consider switching up your footwear. Infuse a touch of sophistication by wearing boots or heels, giving your ensemble a more formal and polished feel. If you anticipate a day of walking, go for platform boots – they offer support while adding a dressed-up flair compared to sneakers.

Baleaf gives you the LBD with our Laureate UPF 50+ Sleeveless Pleated Dress which you can easily glam up or down with your favorite kicks. Experience UPF 50+ sun protection, water resistance, moisture-wicking, and a non-see-through design, all complemented by a polo V-neck, well-fitted armholes for ease of movement, higher waistline with pleated design, invisible zipper, and flatlock seams ensuring no chafing.

Show off your personal style.

Baleaf Laureate Sleeveless 2-in-1 Dress

The reluctance toward athleisure often stems from the concern that these items might resemble workout clothes. To avoid the exercise dress, like a golf dress, looking too sporty, it's crucial to style it with your favorite pieces. Whether your aesthetic leans toward preppy or minimalistic, incorporating key elements into your outfit can camouflage the athletic nature of the dress.

For a minimalist touch, consider adding a blazer, while those with eclectic styles can experiment with fun and unique accessories like hats that complement the rest of their wardrobe.

Have fun styling our lovely Laureate Sleeveless 2-in-1 Dress with any of your existing clothes to show your personal style stamp.

A Dress Solves Everything

When faced with the problem of what to wear on a casual day out or dinner, including errands, throw on a dress. It's the fashion solution that instantly delivers a whole ensemble without having to think too much about how to style it. It's an all-in-one fashion pack.

Get your dibs on Baleaf's Dress collection, a wardrobe essential that lets you transition to different activities throughout your day.

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