How To Wear Summer Clothes in Winter and Still Feel Warm

How To Wear Summer Clothes in Winter and Still Feel Warm

From Hanukkah to Christmas, and New Year's Eve to Valentine's Day, the fanciest holidays seem to land in the coldest months. Dressing up in freezing temperatures can be a challenge, and figuring out how to wear summer clothes for winter can be tricky. While colorful tights and fleece-lined leggings are popular options, there are more ways to make those breezy and relaxed summer outfits work on chilly days. Check out how to layer summer clothes for winter and still feel warm no matter where you're headed.

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How To Make Summer Clothes Work for Winter

Get ready because we're bringing you these nifty hacks on how to dress for winter with summer clothes. Wherever you're headed, we've got you covered, making sure you feel comfy and cute all the way.

We're crossing our fingers that these tips make your wardrobe work harder for you, keeping you not just warm but also effortlessly stylish during the colder months.

As a sustainable fashion brand, our goal is to help you maximize the wear you get out of your clothes, and layering up your summer favorites in winter is a fantastic way to do just that.

Warm and Comfy in Base Layers

Baleaf Warm and Comfy in Base Layers

When it gets super chilly outside (and it probably will), layering up is the key to staying warm and toasty. Start with a comfy base layer and then add on those light layers one by one. It's like building a cozy fortress against the cold.

A quick tip: squeezing into super-tight clothes won't make you warmer. Give your layers some breathing room for that essential airflow. Those little pockets of air will work wonders to keep you snug.

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Fleece-Lined Leggings to the Rescue!

Leggings are like the superheroes of winter dressing. Pop them under your pants for an extra layer or, on not-so-chilly days, rock them under a dress instead of tights. Tall boots can hide cozy socks, completing the warmth of footless leggings. For that ultimate insulation, go for fleece-lined leggings or thermal leggings.

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Investment in a Vest, Jacket, and Coat

Baleaf Puffer Sleeveless Jacket

Layer it up. Blazers are a classic win, but don't sleep on vests. They bring some serious flair to your outfit. Whether it's a cozy sweater vest, a trendy puffer sleeveless jacket, or a sleek structured one, pick the style that vibes with you. And for that extra oomph, go monochrome – the bolder and brighter, the merrier.

You also need a neutral faux fur coat this season. It's a must-have. Plus, it plays well with any dress or summer wear you fancy. So cozy up and stay stylish.

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Turtleneck Under Everything

Ever wondered how to rock a dress in winter? Well, grab a turtleneck. It's the stylish solution you've been looking for.

The classic black turtleneck is the ultimate layering hero. It's not just about staying cozy. This piece screams chic vibes. Slip into some knee-high boots and toss on a vibrant knit for an instant dose of happiness. Trust us, it's a winning combo.

Simply Demure in a Thermal Tunic Dress

Baleaf Thermal Tunic Dress

We have those days when we feel too lazy to think about all those layers we have to wear, right? Resolve that issue by embracing a thermal tunic dress for winter. It's a timeless winter hug. Throw on some winter leggings for that bonus warmth and slip into chunky boots to spice things up and tackle slushy adventures with ease.

Knee-High Boots for Those Cropped Pants

When the weather decides it's ankle protection time, don't pack away those cropped pants for spring just yet! Who says you have to say goodbye to your favorite crops when the weather gets chilly? Throw on some cozy tights underneath and team those cropped pants up with some knee-high boots boots. Voila! Your favorite look, all set for the cooler days.

Knit Cardigan for an Extra Snug

Cozy knit cardigans aren't just for that in-between weather. They're also your go-to bundling buddies, especially if your plans involve some indoor hangouts. Keep the warmth close, wherever you're headed.

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Playing Double Duty in Double Layers

Winter-style magic often happens when you get a bit creative. Picture this: your blazer or that oversized shirt transforming into a dress, and a dress turning into a skirt with the cozy assist of a sweater. Just throw on a knitted or embellished layer, and you've got a toasty ensemble that maximizes your closet gems.

Chic in Accessories

Don't overlook the magic of accessories. They're the finishing touch for your outfit – adding that extra flair and bringing the warmth game in the case of gloves and hats. Pop on gloves and a beanie for bonus style points, showcasing your savvy seasonal fashion sense.

How to Style Summer Clothes for Winter: Extra Hack

Here's a savvy tip for scoring winter clothes in the summer: when snagging that discounted winter coat in the spring, don't just try it on over a t-shirt. Think ahead and leave room for a shell layer. You might not feel the need for it at the moment, but when the chill hits, you'll be grateful.

Winterize Your Summer Wardrobe

With sustainability in fashion taking the spotlight, the best way to cherish your clothes is by giving them a little extra love.

Transform your wardrobe into a "seasonless" wonderland so that you can wear your summer clothes for winter. With some clever layering, your summer faves don't have to take a back seat when the temperature drops. They can stay fabulous all year round.

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