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How To Choose Women’s High-Rise Pants for Winter

How To Choose Women’s High-Rise Pants for Winter

Hello, ladies! Are you getting ready for some thrilling winter shopping? With the cold season on the horizon, it's important to consider all the essential clothing pieces you'll need to stay warm and stylish in the coming months.

One essential for your winter wardrobe is a fabulous collection of winter pants. In this guide, we'll show you how to choose women's high-rise pants for winter to keep you warm. Get ready to revamp your winter wardrobe and make a stylish statement with the perfect pair of winter pants!

What To Look For in Winter Pants

Baleaf Winter Pants

Planning to stay active throughout the winter, whether it's on hiking trails, ski slopes, or in the backcountry? If you're in search of winter pants that keep you warm and dry, here's a guide outlining the key features to help you find the perfect pair. Let's dive in!


Insulated clothing contains thermal insulation, such as synthetic or down materials, which create a warm lining to shield your body from cold external temperatures.

Although the legs are less sensitive to cold than the rest of the body, it's still essential to protect your thighs and buttocks from winter's chill. You can choose from insulated, partially insulated, or non-insulated winter pants based on your activity's intensity and your personal cold and heat tolerance.

For activities involving periods of inactivity, like ice fishing or downhill skiing during lift times, a generous layer of insulation is recommended. On the other hand, for intense sports like cross-country skiing or ski touring, which tend to make you sweat, partially insulated pants may be more suitable.

Regardless of your choice, make sure to select a size large enough to accommodate an additional underlayer if needed.


Few things are more uncomfortable than getting cold and wet while playing outside in the snow for just a few hours. That's why choosing waterproof pants is crucial unlike water-repellent fabrics, which let water or snowflakes seep through after a short time, waterproof membranes and similar materials completely repel moisture.

To assess a garment's waterproof level, check the label for a measurement expressed in Schmerber (e.g., 10,000 Schmerber equals the fabric's resistance to a 10-meter water column). The higher the number, the more waterproof the fabric. Additionally, it's essential to ensure that the seams are properly sealed and that the zippers have an inner waterproof strip to prevent cold air from seeping through these narrow openings.


When choosing snow pants, breathability is a crucial factor, especially for intense activities like cross-country skiing or ski touring. It's not only about staying warm and protected from external moisture. If your pants can't effectively wick away sweat, you might overheat and become soaked from the inside. Two key elements to consider are the fabric's breathability and the ventilation system of the pants.

Women's High-Rise Pants

Baleaf Women's High-Rise Pants

High-waisted pants have been a popular fashion choice for the past few years. The truth is that they're still here. Even when winter arrives, you can still wear one, with proper layering and insulation.

Initially designed for comfort, high-rise pants are known for their ability to create a beautiful feminine silhouette by emphasizing and shaping its curves. Moreover, anyone can get that instant tummy tuck when wearing the right size of high-rise pants.

Let's go over some of the high-rise pants we can wear to look pretty and warm this winter.

Women's High-Rise Sweatpants

Baleaf High-Rise Thermal Flare Pants

Consider this laid-back winter outfit suggestion: sweatpants. Providing both comfort and warmth, they offer versatility in styling. Perfect for relaxed indoor days or chilly errands, they can also be elevated with a stylish top and jacket for a more refined look.

Originally created for athletes, sweatpants gained popularity due to their functionality and comfort, becoming fashionable for streetwear and various activities. Sweatpants are the ultimate WFH outfits because they are synonymous with comfort, offering coziness and relaxation throughout the day.

Crafted from soft fabrics like cotton and spandex, they provide an exceptional fit that prioritizes comfort, making them popular for loungewear and gym sessions.

Additionally, sweatpants offer essential warmth in cold weather, designed from cozy materials like fleece and cotton blends, such as our Laureate High-Rise Thermal Flare Pants. Fleece provides insulation and heat retention, while cotton blends offer a combination of comfort, warmth, and breathability. Some sweatpants even feature a polar fleece lining for added warmth.

High-Rise Wide Leg Pants

Baleaf Fleece-Lined Wide Leg Sweatpants

Whether high-rise or low-rise, wide-leg pants have been a lasting trend, providing an excellent wardrobe option for women seeking variety.

These pants are comfortable, stylish, and adaptable, suitable for any occasion. Whether you aim for a casual daytime appearance or stay active while working out, wide-leg pants offer versatility, easily pairing with various tops and accessories.

The resurgence of wide-leg pants in the fashion world is no coincidence, as they combine comfort, ease of wear, and a timeless, elegant appearance that can be tailored for both casual and formal settings.

Check out our Evergreen Fleece-Lined Wide Leg Sweatpants to help you stay warm on cold days.

High-Waisted Straight-Leg Pants

Baleaf Cotton Pocketed Straight Leg Pants

The tummy control of our dreams lies in a pair of high-waist straight-leg pants!

Straight-leg pants are a versatile style suitable for all body shapes. Designed to sculpt the waist, hips, and bum while gracefully skimming past the thighs to the ankle, these pants sit high on the hips. They come in a flattering high-waisted version, flattening the tummy and offering extra support. This design allows for easy tucking of tops without feeling overly revealing and is forgiving on the hips, making them ideal for women with hourglass or pear-shaped figures.

Moreover, straight-leg pants create the illusion of longer, leaner legs, enhancing your overall figure. Their high-rise and well-fitted bum provide a streamlined silhouette, emphasizing length rather than accentuating curves, distinguishing them from mom jeans.

Baleaf's Evergreen Cotton Pocketed Straight Leg Pants come with a micro-fleece on the inside to help you stay snug and toasty while lounging at home.

High-Rise Women's Leggings

Baleaf High-Rise Zipper Pockets Thermal Leggings

High-waisted leggings, like our Laureate High-Rise Zipper Pockets Thermal Leggings, provide dependable coverage, ensuring you stay covered in every yoga pose, weightlifting squat, or bike ride, whether indoors or outdoors. They eliminate the frustration of constantly adjusting your clothes during a workout, allowing you to concentrate solely on your exercise routine.

Moreover, well-fitted leggings enhance comfort and complement your body shape. High-waisted gym leggings avoid this problem by fitting perfectly to your shape, giving you a flattering look and ensuring superior comfort, letting you proudly display the results of your hard work.

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Ski Down Pants

Baleaf High-Rise Lightweight Ski Down Pants

Ski pants are crucial for skiing and snowboarding, specifically designed to endure harsh winter conditions and provide warmth and mobility. Unlike regular jeans, these pants are meticulously crafted for snowy adventures, offering superior insulation to keep you warm in deep powder and freezing temperatures, ensuring a comfortable skiing experience. Additionally, they are waterproof, protecting you from moisture and snow, and allowing you to enjoy your snowy escapades even in wet conditions. Engineered for dynamic movements, ski pants enable you to navigate slopes effortlessly, incorporating features like side zips or vents for enhanced breathability during intense physical activity.

Glide down the slopes in style in a pair of our High-Rise Lightweight Ski Down Pants, made of nylon and soft duck down for optimal insulation. Likewise, brave the cold weather in any of our lovely ski leggings.

Brave the Cold Winter Months in High-Rise Pants

When choosing winter pants, focus on high-quality materials for warmth, a comfortable and flexible fit, and stylish options to stay warm and trendy.

Take your pick from our Women's High-Rise collection and brave the winter season in style.

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