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Why Sweatpants Are the Ultimate WFH Outfits

Why Sweatpants Are the Ultimate WFH Outfits

Social media is teemed with #OOTD posts with work-from-home outfit ideas. But for most people, comfort is the top priority when at home. Since the pandemic, sweatpants have become a popular choice, serving as a comfy wardrobe essential for remote work. This is why sweatpants are the ultimate WFH outfits.

Why are sweatpants so popular?

Originally designed for athletes, sweatpants gained popularity due to their functionality and comfort.

Today, they are trendy for streetwear and various activities, with many reasons contributing to their popularity:

They are synonymous with comfort.

Why Sweatpants Are the Ultimate WFH Outfits

There's prolly no other loungewear more comfortable than a pair of sweatpants.

Putting on a pair after a shower, and then sipping a hot cup of coffee or chocolate for breakfast as you prepare for your WFH schedule is simply divine!

Sweatpants are incredibly comfortable. They are usually made of soft fabrics, like cotton, modal, and spandex, to name a few, with a relaxed fit that hugs your legs without restricting movement. Their design prioritizes comfort, making them equally popular for loungewear and gym workouts.

A pair of comfy sweatpants, like our Evergreen Cotton Pocketed Sweatpants, made of cotton and polyester, lets you work in a more relaxed way and allows your skin to breathe.

They give warmth.

When the temperature drops, don a pair of sweats for your legs to stay warm.

Sweatpants are designed for cold weather and are typically made from warm materials like fleece and cotton blends.

Fleece, known for its insulation and heat retention, is a common choice while cotton blends provide a combination of comfort, warmth, and breathability. Some sweatpants even feature a polar fleece lining for added warmth.

When winter arrives, feel snug as you work in a pair of Evergreen Cotton Thermal Sweatpants paired with your favorite hoodie for that oh-so-toasty feel!

They are functional.

Sweatpants are both comfortable and functional, with features like durable fabrics and an elastic waistband. Their materials offer great stretch, and the fit minimizes interference during exercise, making them suitable for various activities, such as running, warming up, or weightlifting.

Because we want our valuables, like our phone, wallet, and keys, and the like, safely with us even when we exercise or do an errand, most activewear brands, like Baleaf, design workout clothes, like the Evergreen Modal Mid-Rise Sweatpants, with pockets to hold our precious things.

Sweatpants with pockets for women make running errands a breeze.

They are easy to wear.

Sweatpants, similar to pullovers, have an easy design with elastic waistbands, allowing effortless wearing without zippers or buttons. Their loose fit makes it easy to remove and put them on, making them popular for their convenience in the modern market. Slipping into our Evergreen Cotton Pocketed Straight Leg Pants is a breeze. Tie the drawstring after putting them on and you're good to go.

They are perfect for almost any kind of workout.

Because sweatpants were originally designed for athletes, they remain a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts who love working up a sweat, lifting weights, or getting into a yoga pose because of the flexibility of the fabric sweatpants are known for.

Nowadays, sweatpants come in moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics with sun protection that you can wear even when working out in the open.

With the new fabric technology, they dry fast, making them easy to clean, and ideal for high-impact activities. Athletes wear them in cold weather, especially outdoors, providing warmth, comfort, and functional support during activities like running or jogging.

How to Style Sweatpants

Why Sweatpants Are the Ultimate WFH Outfits

In the past, sweatpants were a fashion faux pas, but now they've become a comfy wardrobe staple, especially when working from home.

Recently, even celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Gabrielle Union have showcased stylish sweatpants outfits, inspiring us to experiment with our looks. Whether you're working at home or going out for a casual office or dinner with friends, there are plenty of ways to wear sweatpants, making them a versatile choice.

Trust us. You won't look sloppy with these lovely sweatpants combos.

Wear a pair of flares.

Sweatpants for women have come a long way.

Nowadays, a pair of wide-leg sweatpants for women is a stylish choice, different from the traditional narrow or tapered ones, giving a tailored and fitted look. They make your legs appear longer and leaner by flaring out under your knees.

Even when you're at home, looking stylish can boost your confidence and energy, making flared sweatpants a great option. Plus, they are versatile and can be paired with almost anything.

Grab a cropped top, a tank top, or a long or short-sleeved shirt and pair any with our Evergreen Fleece-Lined Wide Leg Sweatpants to achieve that effortless chic style that's ready to face the cam for an online meeting.

Grab a pair of high-waisted sweats.

High-waisted sweatpants are a great choice for looking good and feeling comfortable, especially at home.

They're trendy, especially with a paper bag waist, and great for petites, making legs appear longer.

Additionally, high-waisted styles cover midriffs, making them perfect for muffin top concerns while providing ultimate comfort for long hours of sitting while working from home.

Look pretty in a cropped top.

Pairing your sweats with our Flyleaf Crew Neck Crop Top spells fun, flirt, and cuteness even when at home. The crop length helps achieve the ideal body proportion, following the rule of thirds, making your overall look more flattering and stylish.

High-waisted sweatpants paired with a crop top create a powerful duo, making your torso look shorter and your legs look longer. For added convenience and functionality, choose a pair of women's sweatpants with pockets so that you can easily bring your phone and other small valuables with you in case you need to run a quick errand from home.

Get the basics.

Sweatpants come in many colors, but if you can have only one, black is the most versatile and slimming choice. They match any top and help tone down volume, making them suitable for various body types, especially petite and pear-shaped women. Additionally, black sweatpants can easily be dressed up to look less casual.

Get yourself one of the basics like our Laureate Cropped Sweatpants which make a perfect to-go outfit.

Layer it up.

To look cute in sweatpants, you can layer different outerwear for a varied outfit look.

Black sweatpants are versatile and slimming, working well with various tops and styles. Layering with the Evergreen Cotton Half-Zip Crop Pullover or wrap sweater can create different looks and add a chic touch to your sweatpants outfit, giving you flexibility in styling.

How to Take Care of Our Sweats

Sweatpants are a comfortable and stylish choice, but they require careful maintenance to preserve their appearance.

To keep your sweatpants looking their best, consider these tips.

  • Wash them inside out to prevent fading.
  • Use a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent.
  • Opt for air drying instead of machine drying to prevent shrinking and loss of shape.
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.
  • Additionally, it's wise to spot clean stains before washing.

By following these guidelines, your sweatpants can maintain their freshness and durability for an extended period.

Comfy and Snug in a Pair of Sweats

Sweatpants are a must-have for staying and working at home, especially during long periods. While we usually associate them with loungewear, they can be transformed into various cute outfits, proving that wearing sweatpants doesn't mean being lazy. It's all about finding the right style for a casual yet chic look.

Stay comfy and snug in any of the pairs of Baleaf Women's Joggers and Sweatpants. They're your perfect bottoms that won't ever let you down.

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