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How To Mix and Match Women's Capris With Different Tops and Bottoms

How To Mix and Match Women's Capris With Different Tops and Bottoms

Y2K fashion trends are all over TikTok and Instagram, bringing back items like tracksuits and baguette bags. Surprisingly, capris pants have also made a comeback, challenging us to style them in 2023 without looking outdated or awkward. So Baleaf rounded up for you some pro tips on how to mix and match women's capris with different tops and bottoms.

A Brief Look Back on the History of Capris Pants

Cropped pants, known by various monikers like capris and clam diggers, are popular in summer. Women started wearing pants during WWII, breaking the skirt-dominated fashion trend, with actresses like Norma Shearer challenging the norm even before the war.

In 1948, Sonja de Lennart introduced the stylish and sexy Capri pants, inspired by the island of Capri and the song "Isle of Capri," featuring a tight three-quarter length style with a side slit.

Iconic costume designer Edith Head noticed the Capri Collection in 1952 and used it for Audrey Hepburn's award-winning costumes. Capris became popular with famous names like Grace Kelly, Doris Day, Katharine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and others, shaping the history of this silhouette.

Capris in Style

How To Mix and Match Women's Capris With Different Tops and Bottoms

In 2023, capris pants have made a surprising comeback, offering a stylish, comfortable, and versatile clothing option that was once overshadowed by skinny jeans but has been revived by the resurgence of '90s fashion trends on social media.

Capris sales have seen a remarkable increase with interest coming from both Gen X and Gen Z consumers. Online searches for capris pants have also risen by a whopping 70% compared to the previous year, underscoring the broad revival of this fashion trend.

How To Wear Capris

Capris pants can be tricky to style, often making you look frumpy and short, yet they're a popular fashion trend. Many women still love wearing them, especially in warmer weather, but how can you wear them and look long, lean, and stylish?

Choose a slim fit.

To create the illusion of longer legs, choose slim leg openings and avoid capris pants with flared or bootleg styles, or consider altering them to achieve a slimmer fit.

Capris should end at the slimmest part of your calves, which varies depending on your height.

Cuffs add unnecessary horizontal lines, making your legs look shorter, especially with denim where the inside color is lighter than the outside. So it's best to avoid capris pants with cuffs.

Be mindful of top and bottom proportions.

Capris can make your legs appear shorter, so avoid wearing a top that's a similar length to your pants to prevent a boxy look.

If you have a slim, long waist, tuck your top into high-waisted trousers, and if your body is shorter or wider at the waist, choose tops that end at your hip bone or longer mid-thigh tunics with slim pants.

Follow the rule of the thirds.

Wearing capris pants incorrectly can visually split your body in half, which is unflattering. It's better to aim for a golden ratio silhouette, where your top is 1/3 and your bottom is 2/3 of the outfit, or you can reverse it with a 2/3 top and 1/3 bottom.

To achieve the 1/3 and 2/3 look, tuck in your top when wearing your capris pants. Alternatively, wearing capris with a long tunic or dress can create a 2/3 to 1/3 silhouette.

How To Style Capris

Transforming old trends into modern wear has no strict rules in fashion. With various capris styles available, from form-fitting to breezy culottes and denim, experimenting is the key to finding what suits you best.

Go classic.

Workleisure Straight Capris

Black capris are versatile and can easily complement your current wardrobe. For a chic office look, pair our Workleisure Straight Capris with a white button-down, a boxy blazer, and kitten heels (or clogs), or create a more casual style by switching the button-down for a printed blouse or adding bold accessories.

Play with silhouettes.

UPF50+ DWR Capris

Mix silhouettes to create balance. You can pair the Laureate UPF50+ DWR Capris that has a slightly wider leg opening with a straight silhouette with any of your fitted tops to achieve a polished yet effortless look.

Take capris to work.

While work always has rules about what to wear, donning a pair of capris pants on casual Fridays can exude a lowkey but professional vibe when paired with the right tops and shoes.

How to wear capris to work? For a relaxed suit style, pair slim capris with a matching jacket and a high-quality top. Complete the look with black loafers, striking a balance between professional and comfortable.

Bootcut Capris Pants

Choose dressier capris pants, like our Laureate Bootcut Pants, and a matching blazer, or opt for a structured blazer that offers versatility. Taking your capris to work is easy when paired with a lovely Evergreen Lightweight Drape Cardigan, a vibrant scarf, and formal flats, with the quality of your clothing making the difference between office-appropriate and casual attire.

Pair activewear capris with shorter tops.

High-Rise Pocketed Capris

Short tops complement capris, following the rule of thirds.

If you want freedom of movement, pair any of our Sweatleaf High-Rise Pocketed Capris leggings with a short sports top.

For a stylish summer look, whether in the gym or on a summer out with friends, pair your capris pants with our cute Flyleaf Open Back Crop Top, and complete the outfit with high-top sneakers featuring graphic designs.

What Shoes To Wear With Capris

To appear fab in capris, ensure a long, lean look by leaving space between the hem and your toes. Whether you're working out, doing an errand, or having lunch out with friends, these shoes with any pair of cute women's capris can give that polished finish to your getup.

Dainty in Lace-Up Sandals, Strappy Sandals, and Slides

Go for lace-up sandals for an airy, elongated leg look.

Similarly, you can choose any flat sandals with simple t-straps or multiple straps to complement the summery vibe of capris pants.

Relaxed casual capris pair wonderfully with easy summer slides, especially the trendy straw ones, adding a holiday vibe to your pair.

Sexy in High-Heels

Capris and cropped pants get a chic boost with a classic pointy-toe pump or with a pair of high-heels for that sexy flair.

Demure and Comfy in Blocks and Flats

Block heels provide modern style and height without discomfort, especially in nude color, creating a long, lean leg line for an elongated look.

Pairing ballet flats with capris pants offers a timeless and chic style, famously worn by Audrey Hepburn. This ensemble remains a classic to date.

Bold With Statement Sneakers

Statement sneakers are both comfortable and incredibly stylish, with a wide variety to match your personality.

Stay On Top of the Game of the Capris Pants Trend

While capris pants have had their equal share of love and hate, they remain a classic in the fashion world. They can be easily paired with any of our existing various tops, jackets, and cardigans to create fabulous looks. Wearing the right combination lets us look modern, slim, and fresh.

Get your dibs on our lovely Women's Capris collection and stay fab for all seasons.

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