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What To Wear To Beat the Heat When Watching the Paris Summer Games This 2024

What To Wear To Beat the Heat When Watching the Paris Summer Games This 2024

As the Paris Summer Games 2024 approaches, excitement is in the air! Spectators from around the globe are getting ready to witness world-class athletes competing in the City of Lights. But let's face it—summer in Paris can be scorching. If you’re planning to be there, you need to dress smart to stay cool, comfortable, and stylish. This guide will help you choose the best travel clothes for summer in Europe from some of baleaf's well-loved collections which you can easily pack without any bulk.

The Paris Summer Weather

First things first: let's talk about the weather. Paris in summer can be quite unpredictable. The city can get humid, and when you’re outdoors all day, especially in crowded stadiums, it can feel even hotter. With this in mind, here are some tips on what to wear to beat the heat.

Choose light and breathable fabrics.

When dressing for the summer heat, fabric choice is crucial. Choose lightweight, breathable materials that allow your skin to breathe and help wick away sweat. Baleaf offers an excellent range of activewear made from moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics.

Sun-Dur UPF 50+ Shirt

Baleaf Sun-Dur UPF 50+ Shirt

Experience the ultimate sun protection with the Sun-Dur UPF 50+ Shirt, crafted from a highly technical weave of 7.3% nylon and 12.7% spandex that ensures an icy cool feel even on the hottest days.

With features like pull-on closure, thumb loops for complete sun coverage, and a side slit with a longer back hem for enhanced mobility and coverage, this shirt is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, leaving customers raving about the great fabric and colors.

Laureate 5'' Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts

Baleaf Laureate 5'' Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts

Discover unparalleled comfort and functionality with the Laureate 5'' Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts, made from 91% nylon and 9% spandex for a lightweight, quick-dry, and water-resistant experience.

Featuring UPF 50+ sun protection, a slight "A" hem design for unrestricted movement, a wide waistband that keeps your tummy in check, and two spacious cargo pockets, these shorts are perfect for any adventure. Customers love the comfortable wide elastic waistband, quick-dry stretchy material, and convenient pockets that hold all your essentials.

Stay cool with the right colors.

Very dark colors absorb more heat, so it's best to stick with lighter shades. Whites, pastels, and light neutrals reflect sunlight and help keep your body temperature down.

Crew Neck UPF 50+ Short Sleeve Tee

Baleaf Crew Neck UPF 50+ Short Sleeve Tee

Embrace stylish sun protection with the Crew Neck UPF 50+ Short Sleeve Tee, designed with a high-low hem and wide side slits to flatter all body shapes and provide extra room for movement.

Made from 100% polyester, this tee features a round neck for added sunburn coverage, soft four-way stretch, and a breathable, lightweight feel, while its high-density fabric blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays. Customers are raving about how flattering this shirt is, making it a must-have addition to your sun-safe wardrobe.

Flyleaf Lightweight Capris

Baleaf Flyleaf Lightweight Capris

Step into comfort and style with the Flyleaf Lightweight Capris, crafted from a blend of 75% nylon and 25% spandex for a lightweight, stretchy, and comfy fit. These capris feature a pull-on closure, a slightly wide leg with a straight open bottom that won't tighten at the knees, and two deep front slash pockets perfect for your cellphone.

Customers are praising these capris for their perfect fit—not too tight, not too wide—and the substantial feel of the material, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Sun protection is key.

Sunburn can quickly ruin your day at the games, so make sure your outfit includes sun protection. Look for clothing with built-in UPF and don't forget your accessories.

Sun-protective Hooded Jacket

Baleaf Sun-Protective Hooded Jacket

The Sun-Protective Hooded Jacket, made from 100% polyester, combines high-density UPF 50+ protection with a breathable, quick-dry, and stretchy design for ultimate comfort.

Featuring a fashionable hooded design, invisible side pockets, and a mid-length cut suitable for various body types, this jacket is a versatile closet staple. Customers love the silky-soft, lightweight feel of the material, making it an exceptional alternative to sunscreen and perfect for hot days when you want to avoid direct sunlight.

UPF 50+ Hooded Jacket

Baleaf UPF 50+ Hooded Jacket

Step into sun-safe style with the UPF 50+ Hooded Jacket, crafted from 100% polyester for a comfy and lightweight feel that dries quickly and remains breathable.

Featuring an adjustable hoodie with a drawcord for added protection, secure pockets for essentials, and a stylish design with long sleeves and a curved hem, this jacket offers both functionality and fashion. Customers are gushing about its flattering design and light fabric that doesn't easily get dirty, making it perfect for travel and everyday wear.

Layer smartly for indoor venues.

While it’s important to dress for the heat, remember that some events may take place indoors where air conditioning can make it chilly. Layering is your friend

UPF 50+ Quick-dry Cardigan

Baleaf UPF 50+ Quick-dry Cardigan

The UPF 50+ Quick-dry Cardigan is your go-to for stylish sun protection, featuring a relaxed fit, an open front ideal for pairing with a flattering cropped vest, and long sleeves that shield your arms and hands.

Crafted from 100% polyester, this cardigan boasts a longer front hem for a chic look, two invisible pockets for convenient storage, and a four-way stretch fabric that is breathable, quick-drying, soft, and lightweight. Customers are raving about this skin-friendly and comfortable cardigan, calling it the perfect lightweight sweater for slightly cool days or evenings.

Laureate Hooded Jacket

Baleaf Laureate Hooded Jacket

Stay prepared for any adventure with the Laureate Hooded Jacket, crafted from 87% polyester and 13% spandex for water resistance and anti-pilling durability. This slim-fit jacket features a convenient full-zip closure for easy on and off, along with a protective hoodie and thumbholes to keep the wind at bay, while three pockets offer ample storage for your essentials. Ideal for both outdoor activities and casual wear, it combines practicality with style for all-day comfort and functionality.

Keep it stylish.

Of course, being in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, you’ll want to look stylish. Baleaf’s designs balance functionality with fashion, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on style to stay cool and comfortable.

Laureate Double-layered Pleated Skort

Baleaf Laureate Double-layered Pleated Skort

Elevate your game with the Laureate Double-layered Pleated Skort, combining 88.9% polyester and 11.1% spandex for a lightweight, breathable feel that's also moisture-wicking and quick-drying with UPF50+ protection.

Featuring a high waist and elastic waistband, this skort boasts double-layer pleats and built-in shorts with silicone leg grippers for added comfort and coverage. With two deep side pockets and a flowy, flattering silhouette thanks to its pleated design, this skort is perfect for tennis and beyond, offering style and functionality for various body types.

Set: UPF 50+ Buckled Jacket &Trail Wide Leg Capris

Baleaf UPF 50+ Buckled Jacket and Trail Wide Leg Capris

Introducing a complete sun protection set: the UPF 50+ Buckled Jacket and Trail Wide Leg Capris are made from 100% polyester for high-density sun protection against 98% of UVA/UVB rays.

The capris features soft, four-way stretch fabric for breathability and lightweight comfort, with the jacket's open front and rib hem allowing for quick drying and privacy, perfect for travel, dates, and everyday wear.

The sun shirt, also from the collection, is crafted from 91% polyester and 9% spandex, offering a four-way stretch, UPF 50+ sun protection, and water resistance.

This duo lets you travel in style and make the streets of Paris your runway.

Practical Tips for Staying Cool

Aside from your outfit, here are a few practical tips to help you beat the heat:

Stay in the shade.

Whenever possible, seek out shaded areas to stay cool. Use umbrellas or parasols if necessary.

Use cooling products.

Portable fans, cooling mists, and ice packs can be very helpful. 

Hydrate regularly.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Don't drink too much coffee or alcoholic beverages because they can dehydrate you.

Take breaks.

Don’t overexert yourself. Take regular breaks to rest in cool, shaded areas.

Go Cheer for Your Country's Team in Style with Baleaf

The Paris Summer Games 2024 promise to be an unforgettable experience, but the summer heat can be challenging. By dressing smartly in breathable fabrics, light colors, and UV-protective clothing, you can stay cool and comfortable throughout the events. Baleaf offers a fantastic range of products that combine functionality and style, making it easier than ever to enjoy the games without compromising comfort or fashion.

So as you pack for Paris, keep these tips and Baleaf’s top picks in mind. With the right outfit, you’ll be ready to cheer on your favorite athletes and soak in the incredible atmosphere of the Summer Games, all while staying cool and stylish.

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