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Discover Your Perfect Fit: A Guide to Know Your Sports Bra Size

Discover Your Perfect Fit: A Guide to Know Your Sports Bra Size

For athletes sports bras are a key element in their workout gear.

Achieving the perfect fit in a sports bra involves more than just measurements. It's about striking a balance between comfort and support tailored to your breast size, firmness, body type, and the activities you engage in. Learn how to know your sports bra size and fit for ideal support and performance.

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How To Know the Size of Sports Bra That Fits You Well

Discover Your Perfect Fit: A Guide to Know Your Sports Bra Size

Sports bras may feel slightly snugger than your everyday bras, but it's crucial not to size down when purchasing one. It's recommended to calculate your bra size each time you buy a new sports bra because your size can change due to factors, such as weight fluctuations, pregnancy, hormonal shifts, and aging.

If you haven't measured yourself recently, we offer a basic guideline as a starting point. Use a soft tape measure, and either wear a non-padded bra that maintains your natural breast shape or measure without wearing a bra.

But if you don't have a soft measuring tape, you can use a string and a ruler. Simply place the string after getting each type of measurement on a flat surface and measure it with the ruler.

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Get the size of your rib cage.

Wrap the tape measure around your ribcage just beneath your bust and round down to the nearest inch. This measurement is crucial for determining your band and cup size.

Know your band size.

Using the rib cage measurement, refer to a size given by the brand or manufacturer of the sports bra you like to determine your band size.

In terms of functionality, the bottom band of a sports bra is vital as it forms the foundation of the garment. It should snugly fit against the ribcage just below the bottom of the breast tissue, offering firm support without causing discomfort.

Get your cup size.

Begin by measuring around the fullest part of your bust, ensuring the tape is straight across your back. Round up to the nearest whole number, and this becomes your bust measurement.

Next, subtract your rib cage measurement from your bust measurement. The resulting difference in inches is your suggested cup size. In case you fall between sizes, it's advisable to round up.

If you're unsure, speak with a sales representative if you're buying from a physical store, or contact the support team if you're buying from an online store.

How To Make Sure That the Sports Bra Fits You Well

Discover Your Perfect Fit: A Guide to Know Your Sports Bra Size

Your sports bra should offer a slightly snugger fit compared to your everyday bra, yet you should still be able to breathe deeply and comfortably.

Double-check the fit of the band.

The sports bra band plays a crucial role in supporting your breasts, so ensure it sits snugly around your rib cage without resting on breast tissue. For the optimal fit, you should be able to insert two fingers between your body and the band but not more.

Stand in front of a mirror, raise your hands over your head, and turn sideways. If the band is higher in the back, rides up, or isn't level, or if your breasts protrude below, it's likely too big. Consider trying a smaller band size or experimenting with a smaller hook on a hook-and-loop closure if applicable.

Pro-Tip: Wider bands typically offer more support than narrow ones, and hook-and-loop closures provide enhanced support and a customized fit.

Adjust the straps of the sports bra.

Ensure that your straps provide a secure and comfortable fit, minimizing up-and-down movement with minimal stretch. There should be enough space to comfortably fit two fingers between the straps and your shoulders.

The straps are too tight if they dig into your skin. Conversely, if they consistently slip off your shoulders or lead to excessive bounce, the straps are likely too loose.

Pro-Tip: Ideally choose adjustable straps for enhanced support and a customized fit. Wider straps effectively disperse weight and provide greater comfort compared to narrower ones. Thinner straps may offer less support but are easier to conceal.

Double-check the fit of the cups.

Ensure your breasts are centered and fully contained within the cups by scooping them into the center. If you notice wrinkles or gaps in the fabric, the cups are likely too big. On the other hand, if your breasts spill outside of the bra, the cups may be too small, or the bra style might not be the right cut for your breast type. For optimal support, make sure your breasts are entirely covered.

Test the support by imitating the activity you want to do in the sports bra.

Evaluate the bra's support by jumping or running in place. Your breasts should feel secure and well-supported. If you notice excessive movement, whether up and down or side to side, continue searching for a better-fitting bra.

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Sports Bra Impact Types

Sports bras are crafted with distinct impact levels to suit a range of physical activities. Familiarizing yourself with these impact levels will guide you in selecting the appropriate sports bra for your requirements:

Low-Impact Sports Bra

Ideal for pursuits such as yoga, walking, or weightlifting, these bras offer gentle support and minimal compression.

Medium-Impact Sports Bra

Perfect for activities such as cycling, hiking, or dancing, these bras provide moderate support and compression to reduce bounce.

High-Impact Sports Bra

Perfect for running, aerobics, or intense workouts, high-impact sports bras deliver maximum support and compression to minimize breast movement during vigorous activities. Keep in mind that choosing the right impact level ensures optimal comfort and protection for your workouts, aiding you in achieving your fitness goals effectively.

Types of Sports Bra

Whether you need maximum support, appreciate stylish designs, or prioritize adjustability, there's a sports bra designed to keep you comfortable and confident throughout your workouts. Let's delve into various types of sports bras, each with its own distinct features and names.

Compression Sports Bras

Baleaf Sweatleaf Butterfly-Back Bra

Compression sports bras are crafted to firmly compress the breasts against the chest wall, effectively reducing movement and minimizing bounce during high-impact activities. Constructed from stretchy and snug fabrics, these bras offer excellent support, making them ideal for intense workouts like running, aerobics, and jumping exercises.

If you're looking for a light compression type of bra, check out Baleaf's Sweatleaf Butterfly-Back Bra. Feel heaven in its stretchy, skin-friendly, and comfortable fabric, offering a light compression and a naked sensation. It features a U-neck, making it suitable for low-impact activities, with wide shoulder straps providing ample support and forming a crisscross back for a stylish butterfly-back look. Additionally, removable soft cups deliver light support and maximum comfort.

High-Neck Sports Bras

Baleaf Sweatleaf Scoop Neck Longline Bra

High-neck sports bras provide extra coverage and support to the chest area, ensuring modesty during workouts and delivering ample support with their elevated neckline. These bras are well-suited for activities involving significant upper-body movement, such as cross-training, kickboxing, and HIIT workouts.

The Sweatleaf Scoop Neck Longline Bra features a flattering scoop neckline and a fishbone design enhancing structural appeal. Its racerback cut allows full shoulder movement while wide straps offer ample support and removable soft cups provide light support and maximum comfort.

Sports Bras with Adjustable Straps

Baleaf Flyleaf UPF50+ Swim Bra

Sports bras with adjustable features, such as straps or bands, enable you to tailor the fit to your preference, offering flexibility for women seeking personalized support. Versatile and suitable for various exercises, adjustable sports bras provide a customizable level of comfort and fit.

The Flyleaf UPF50+ Swim Bra, with a pull-on closure, offers a high-impact design ensuring a stay-put fit and ample support for swimming and other workouts, together with its adjustable straps. It includes removable padding, wire-free bra cups for light support, and a stylish crisscross back design.

Sports Bras with Strappy Straps

Baleaf Freeleaf Cross-Strap Low-Impact Sports Bra

Strappy sports bras offer a stylish choice for those aiming to make a statement while staying active. With multiple straps or intricate back designs, these bras add a fashionable touch to your workout ensemble, providing moderate support suitable for low to medium-impact activities like yoga, Pilates, and barre.

Look at how pretty the straps are of the Freeleaf Cross-Strap Low-Impact Sports Bra, crafted with LYCRA ADAPTIV technology. It adapts to your body shape for a personalized fit and features a one-piece cup design that molds to your body, delivering a natural shape. This is the ultimate seamless bra you can wear as is or under your favorite gym top.

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Get Your Game on With the Right Sports Bra

Baleaf elevates the game for women prioritizing health and fitness with our Sports Bras collection which offers a tailored design and supportive features that provide not only comfort and protection but also enhance performance and contribute to the long-term health of breasts. Your perfect fit awaits!

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