What To Wear When Fishing

What To Wear When Fishing

Feeling good in your gear is key, especially out on the water. With all the casting, reeling, and battling the elements, comfort and protection are non-negotiable. But where to begin prepping for your fishing expedition? It's a puzzle, whether you're a newbie seeking tips or a pro angler eyeing a wardrobe upgrade. Dive into the world of what to wear when fishing. It's a journey well worth your time and research!

What To Wear for a Fishing Trip

Let's kick things off with a "starter kit." While the apparel for shoreline and boat anglers may have some differences, the fundamentals remain constant. The holy trinity of quality fishing attire boils down to protection, comfort, and camouflage. These are the pillars to consider when selecting your fishing outfit.

Veteran anglers preach the gospel of layers—the more layers, the better. For the casual angler, a typical ensemble includes three layers: base, middle, and outer. On scorching summer days, you can get away with just two layers. Each layer serves its purpose, ensuring you're comfortable and primed for peak performance. Here's a rundown of what every angler's fishing clothes for a worthwhile fishing escapade.

Base Layer Shirt

Baleaf UPF50+ Sun Shirt

Whether you're hitting the pavement, hitting the trails, or hitting the water, a top-notch base layer shirt can be your ultimate ally. These lightweight, breathable tees, typically crafted from polyester, nylon, merino wool, or a polyester-cotton blend, are designed with moisture-wicking properties, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable. While going for a classic cotton tee might seem tempting, we advise against it. You'll want something quick-drying that won't cling to your skin, and cotton doesn't fit the bill.

For added protection, consider snagging a sun-protective base layer with a robust UPF rating, keeping those harmful UV rays at bay from the get-go. Some brands even offer shirts engineered to combat odor and repel water, covering all your bases for a worry-free outdoor adventure.

Our UPF50+ Sun Shirt shields your skin from harmful rays, available in various colors to suit your preferences. Customers rave about its protective UPF 50 feature, ensuring a sense of security, while the breathable fabric keeps you cool and engaged during bonding moments. With its well-thought-out design and loose fit for optimal ventilation, comfort remains uncompromised all day, complemented by its stylish appearance.

Long or Short-sleeved Shirt

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Now onto the middle layer, which doubles as insulation during colder seasons and shields against the elements in warmer weather. Going for a long-sleeved shirt is our top recommendation as it offers superior coverage, even on scorching 90ºF days. Specifically tailored for fishing, these shirts are constructed from nylon with ample ventilation to keep you cool while safeguarding your arms and upper body from the sun. Engineered for quick drying, some even boast stain resistance, making them ideal for fishing outings. When selecting a color, consider the surroundings of your fishing spot—muted greens, grays, browns, and blues blend seamlessly, particularly for shallow-water fishing expeditions.

Our UPF 50+ Long-Sleeve Sun Hoodie ensures protection from the sun and elements, garnering praise for its perfect sizing, soft, lightweight fabric, and exceptional comfort from satisfied customers. Versatile enough for any day of the week, whether it's for work or a day at the lake, this stylish hoodie promises both functionality and coziness.


Baleaf Laureate Removable Straight Hiking Pants

The right choice of pants can greatly influence the success of your fishing excursion. Opting for cotton sweats or old jeans might lead to discomfort and hinder your enjoyment of the water. Nylon emerges as the preferred material, offering flexibility, lightweight feel, and quick-drying capabilities while also resisting stains and tears, with many options being waterproof.

Functionality is key for fisherfolks, so pants with ample pockets or the versatility of removable lower halves for converting into shorts provide added practicality for various fishing conditions.

Our Laureate Removable Straight Hiking Pants offer both practicality and comfort, with satisfied customers praising their perfect fit and convenient removable lower halves. The straight-legged design ensures a comfortable fit while the zipper on the knees allows for easy conversion into shorts, adding versatility to your outdoor adventures.


Starting with socks, thin, breathable polyester socks are recommended while wool provides added warmth during colder weather.

Sandals, booties, shoes, boots, and sneakers all serve as viable choices, contingent upon the fishing environment. Open, non-slip sandals are ideal for hot summer days, while closed fishing shoes should prioritize comfort, quick-drying properties, and durability. Rubber boots are favored by many anglers for their waterproofing abilities, though they may not provide ample warmth. Going for rubber soles over felt soles is advisable to prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms as felt soles can be detrimental to ecosystems and are even prohibited in certain states.

Hats, Gloves, and Sunglasses

When it comes to fishing attire, hats, sunglasses, and gloves are indispensable accessories for a day spent outdoors.

A good hat offers crucial protection from the sun's rays, with options ranging from simple ball caps to buffs or even hard hat liners, favoring lightweight designs with wide brims to cover well the face and neck.

Polarized sunglasses are equally essential, not only enhancing the visibility of potential catches by reducing water glare but also adding a stylish touch to your ensemble.

While wearing gloves may seem unnecessary, they're vital for sun protection, particularly in the summer, with options including fingerless gloves for dexterity when handling tackle or lightweight gloves with UPF protection.

In the realm of fishing attire, hats, sunglasses, and gloves aren't just accessories—they're must-have essentials for a successful and comfortable outing.

What To Wear for Fishing In Spring from a Boat

Regardless of whether you're venturing solo or joining a charter, fishing from a boat demands thorough preparation. Refer back to the checklist provided earlier in the article for essential items, and consider these additional pointers to ensure you're appropriately dressed for casting your line from the watercraft.

Breathable UPF Clothing

Baleaf UPF50+ Lightweight Breathable Quick Dry Cargo Shorts

For summer fishing expeditions, opt for a breathable base layer shirt beneath a light, long-sleeved UPF-protected shirt to combat the sun's rays. Consider fast-drying shorts to stay comfortable amidst splashes from the waves and handling your catch. And don't forget your essentials: a hat, polarized sunglasses, and sun gloves are crucial for protection and visibility on any fishing outing.

Gear up for your spring fishing adventure with our UPF50+ Lightweight Breathable Quick Dry Cargo Shorts, designed to keep you protected and comfortable. Customers rave about their lightweight feel and exceptional comfort, making them a must-have for any outdoor excursion. Experience the difference for yourself and elevate your fishing gear with these top-notch cargo shorts.

Rubber Sole Shoes

When fishing from a boat, wader boots may not be necessary, but it's essential to wear rubber-soled shoes to prevent slipping. Non-skid footwear is not only practical but also courteous to maintain stability on deck. While sandals are an option, ensure they're high-quality and non-slip to avoid potential accidents and losing your catch; flip flops, lacking in support, are best avoided to prevent accidents onboard.

A "Buff" or Gaiter

Baleaf Procool UPF50+ Neck Gaiter Sun Hoodie

You may have noticed anglers sporting bandana-style masks in photos while reeling in their prized catches. Buffs, favored by sport fishermen, offer sun protection, lightweight comfort (crafted from polyester), and a barely-there feel once worn. Not only do they shield against sunburn and bugs, but they also boast stylish patterns to add flair to your fishing gear.

Gaiters present another versatile choice for fishing, offering protection for both your face and neck in various conditions.

Experience the playful ninja vibes of our Procool UPF50+ Neck Gaiter Sun Hoodie, providing both coolness and sun protection. Customers rave about its comfort and versatility, praising its effectiveness for hiking and layering in cooler temperatures as low as 39 degrees.

Cast a Net on the Best Fishing Clothes

Getting into fishing involves a lot of preparation and having the right attire is a significant aspect of doing it well. Don't feel overwhelmed by the abundance of information we've shared—building your fishing wardrobe is a gradual process.

Begin with the essentials outlined in our checklist and gradually expand from there. Remember, figuring out what to wear for fishing shouldn't be daunting.

Dive into our Fishing collection to discover the ideal fishing clothes, featuring UPF protection, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking properties in premium fabrics.

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