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What to Wear When Cycling During the SpringSeason

What to Wear When Cycling During the SpringSeason

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Choosing the right cycling gear to keep you comfortable can be tricky during spring. Find out more about what to wear as you get ready to paddle this season.

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For most cyclists, spring is often the most challenging season to appropriately dress for cycling. It may be too cool when you leave your home for cycling at 6 a.m., and you may be tempted to stick to your usual winter cycling gear. But as you get started with cycling, within a few minutes, you may end up sweating. So what is the best road cycling clothing for spring? In this post, let's find out about your spring cycling gear.



Most cyclists prefer wearing a light weight, short sleeved summer cycling jersey throughout the year, and that's often the best thing to do. As mentioned below, you will still need a few extra layers so you can invest in any jersey that is comfortable to wear and fits well. You choose between windproof/thermal short sleeve jersey, zipper jerseys, or go for half zip, long-sleeved jerseys. Check out our top picks for you.

The first two short-sleeved jerseys come with a full zipper closure that makes it easier and more comfortable to wear. Moreover, BALEAF's quick-dry and breathable jerseys come with UPF 50+ protection, which makes them one of the best jerseys to have in your spring cycling gear.


Cycling Tights and Shorts

When you think of cycling during summer, it is all about finding the perfect shorts. But it is not that simple during the spring season. Cyclists are often confused about getting tights or shorts to keep their legs warm and comfortable while the temperature is still low.

At BALEAF, you can choose between cycling capris and multifunctional workout padded tights if you don’t prefer leg warmers. You can also go for Padded Female Cycling Underwear or Padded Mountain Bike Boxer Briefs if you prefer to go for cycling shorts. All BALEAF shorts and tights are breathable, skin-friendly, and quick-dry, so you can enjoy a comfortable ride even on rainy days.  


Bib Tights and Shorts

Cycling during spring is all about keeping yourself covered comfortably. You can go for any pair of bib-shorts along with leg warmers. You can also choose the slightly longer tights if the weather is a bit too cool for you.

At BALEAF, you can find nylon and spandex bib shorts that are breathable and moisture-wicking and are available in various sizes and colors. Choose the best one for you. Make sure you choose the most appropriate leg warmers that can keep you covered and comfortable during the spring season. For a slightly longer alternative, you can pick Laureate Mesh Bib Tights that can fully cover your legs and keep you warm as you ride your bike during the early hours of the day.


Soft Shell Cycling Jackets

Unlike what you may expect, spring is not all about sunshine and flowers. There will definitely be times when you find yourself toiling away in the rain. And for all the rainy days, when it's wet and cold, it is best to have jackets. However, when choosing a jacket for your spring cycling gear, it is best to go for a lightweight, softshell jacket that can easily fold into your pocket.

As the weather gets warmer, and it does not rain often, a lightweight, water-proof, soft jacket can offer breathability and comfort. Check our 100% polyester 3-Way Convertible Windbreaker and DWR Hooded Windbreaker that can keep you warm and comfortable as you get started with cycling during the spring season.



If you start your cycling ride early in the morning when it really cold but it gets hot by the time you return, a gilet is one of the must-haves for your spring cycling gear. It offers wind and water-proof protection for the core of your body and combats the wind really well (which is the most common element that causes shivering among cyclists).

And the best part is it is easily removable and can be simply folded into your pocket. So instead of going for a heavy-duty jacket (that may keep you warm but is often an unnecessary load on your bike), it is best to go for a gilet. What do you think about this beauty? The BALEAF wind and water-proof sleeveless gilet is a super soft and comfortable cycling gear essentials. It keeps you warm and comfortable and fits really well.


Neck and Leg Warmer

As soon as winter ends, most riders end up exposing their bare legs and arms to the world. While warmers may be the most underrated spring cycling gear essentials, but nonetheless, they are critical. If you feel the need to keep your neck and legs warm and covered, try the following warmers by BALEAF.

Fleece Thermal Neck Warmer is a soft and adjustable neck warmer that you can add to your spring cycling gear. Its windproof fleece lining gives a cozy and comfortable feel as you get started with cycling during spring. If you don't want to separately buy a neck warmer, you can choose between a Convertible Long-Sleeved shirt with thumbholes and hoods for men and women that serve a very similar purpose. Moreover, to keep your legs warm and covered, you can invest in BALEAF’s unisex multifunctional compression leg sleeve.


Cycling Cap

As the weather continues to get brighter and windier, a cycling cap is definitely a must-have essential for your spring cycling gear. It can also keep your head warm as the temperature would still be on the lower side. Get yourself a BALEAF’s UPF 50+ Breathable Mesh Cycling Cap or a UPF 50+ Sun Protective Quick Dry Cycling Cap and complete your cycling gear essential shopping for the season.

Now that you know what you need for your spring cycling gear, it’s time for action. Get yourself a decent spring cycling gear and get started now.

Happy riding!

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