The Polo Shirt Has Made a Comeback: Here’s How to Style It

The Polo Shirt Has Made a Comeback: Here’s How to Style It

Looking at the traditional school uniform, one can't help but notice the resurgence of many of its components as fashion statements. From pleated skirts to knee-high socks and blazers, elements of the uniform have made a comeback in recent trends. Now, as we anticipate the next wave of style evolution, there's one often-overlooked item ready to reclaim the spotlight: the polo shirt.

Despite its association with school attire, the polo shirt is a versatile staple deserving of more recognition. With its simple collar, it effortlessly infuses a preppy or sporty vibe into any ensemble. While classic white and black polos remain timeless, contemporary iterations offer fresh perspectives on this wardrobe essential. Whether you lean toward the academic aesthetic or not, incorporating a polo shirt into your wardrobe opens the door to embracing the preppy tenniscore trend. And even if such a trend isn't your cup of tea, there are countless ways of styling a polo shirt into your everyday style rotation.

A Look Back at the Polo Shirt's Origins

The Polo Shirt Has Made a Comeback: Here’s How to Style It

Polo originated in ancient Persia but gained popularity in the Western world when British soldiers in India adapted local polo players' attire in the 19th century. This led to the creation of the first polo shirt with button-down collars by John E. Brooks, which became iconic in American fashion.

The logo of the mounted polo player was introduced by Lewis Lacey in Buenos Aires while Jean René Lacoste revolutionized tennis attire with his short-sleeve polo shirt featuring an embroidered crocodile logo. Lacoste's brand became popular, leading to collaborations and the rise of Fred Perry's laurel wreath-adorned polo shirts. Ralph Lauren later propelled the polo shirt to international fame through his brand.

It was a surprise to many when the preppy style took a turn toward streetwear in the '90s as rap and hip-hop artists showcased polos in their music videos and daily lives, revealing the unexpected versatility of a garment once reserved for sports.

Nowadays, the polo shirt comes in a myriad of styles—it can be cropped, adorned, fashioned as an oversized dress, and beyond. This universal fashion staple has transcended cultural boundaries, becoming a key element in the closets of individuals from diverse backgrounds and subcultures.

How to Style a Polo Shirt

The timeless polo shirt stands as a beloved go-to for casual, formal, or activewear occasions alike. Its straightforward yet elegant design, characterized by distinct colors, buttons, and a collar, renders it endlessly versatile. Whether for a laid-back outing or a more refined affair, the polo effortlessly adapts to any setting. Its adaptability allows for easy pairing with other garments, enabling you to elevate or tone down your ensemble as desired.

Below are some inspiring combinations to elevate your style using our lovely collared golf shirts.

Sprinkle in some color and texture.

Baleaf Flyleaf Sleeveless Quarter-Zip Knit Polo

Regardless of the garment, styling a polo shirt is all about enhancing its appeal by incorporating texture and color.

Typically, collared shirts feature conventional fabrics found in everyday wear. However, to infuse personality into your look, consider selecting a polo shirt crafted from textured materials, such as knit or wool. Alternatively, go for vibrant and striking hues to ensure your polo shirt stands out from the typical school uniform aesthetic.

Radiate elegance in our Flyleaf Sleeveless Quarter-Zip Knit Polo, a delightful pink ensemble crafted with 89.6% nylon and 10.4% Spandex for a lightweight, sweat-wicking, and breathable experience. Perfect for adding a vibrant touch to your day, its UPF50+ protection and racerback design make it ideal for both golf and tennis enthusiasts seeking to stay cool and stylish on the court or green.

Relive your school uniform days.

Baleaf Flyleaf UPF50+ Polo Shirt

Step into timeless sophistication with the Flyleaf UPF50+ Polo Shirt, a modern twist on classic school attire that brings back memories in style.

Crafted with 85% nylon and 15% Spandex, this shirt not only offers UPF50+ sun protection but also boasts four-way stretch, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties for comfort that lasts all day. With its V-neck and three-button placket, it flatters your neckline effortlessly while the tennis tail and flatlock seams ensure no chafing, making it perfect for any occasion.

Elevate your look by layering a sweater vest or blazer over this versatile polo, paired with printed trousers or a pleated skirt, and complete the ensemble with loafers or ballet flats for an effortlessly chic and refined appearance that's sure to turn heads.

Serve the tenniscore

Baleaf Flyleaf V-neck Sleeveless Polo Shirt

Another occasion where the polo shirt springs to mind is during tennis matches or when engaging in the sport. Integral to the tenniscore trend, it offers a contemporary and stylish approach to wearing this classic garment. Many brands have embraced the tenniscore style to revamp the polo top, transforming it into a wonderfully sporty-chic piece that never fails to impress. For the epitome of sports vibes, match our Flyleaf V-neck Sleeveless Polo Shirt with pleated skirts and tennis sneakers.

Slay the boardroom.

Baleaf Flyleaf UPF50+ Quarter Zip Polo

While the polo shirt naturally exudes preppy and sporty vibes, it's also a versatile addition to your wardrobe, especially for refreshing your office attire.

Pairing the Flyleaf UPF50+ Quarter Zip Polo with a blazer or trousers instantly elevates your look to a more sophisticated level. For a chic street-style ensemble, combine the polo shirt with tailored bottoms, and to achieve a more casual appearance, simply add sneakers. Alternatively, incorporate loafers for an office-appropriate finish.

Crafted with 83% nylon and 17% Spandex, this collared golf shirt not only offers UPF50+ sun protection but also boasts four-way stretch, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties for lasting comfort. Featuring a polo collar and invisible quarter zip to flatter your neckline, along with a regular fit, 3/4 sleeves, and a tennis tail, this shirt ensures both style and functionality, with flatlock seams guaranteeing no chafing.

Stay cool in shorts.

Elevate your spring and summer style with the classic combination of a polo shirt and shorts. Whether you go for Bermuda or denim shorts, this effortless ensemble exudes coolness. Stick to monochrome hues for a timeless, sleek look, or get creative with mixing and matching. For those seeking trendy yet comfortable attire, don't miss out on our Women's Knee-Length Bottoms.

Play It Cool With a Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are the eternal champions of preppy cool, whether you're hitting the greens, the court, or just hanging out. They effortlessly transition from casual to classy, ensuring you're never caught underdressed. Add some comfort and fun to your wardrobe with women's collared golf shirts from our Women's Golf & Tennis collection.

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