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The Great Sports Memories Shared from Baleaf Fans

The Great Sports Memories Shared from Baleaf Fans

Some time ago we posted a post on Instagram @baleaf sports asking audience to share their fondest sports memories, such as the first Marathon, the mountain they have climbed, and so on. Their responses were inspirational, nostalgic, thoughtful and moving.



 (Kary is a loyal Baleaf customer. She has purchased over 50 products from Baleaf and continues to buy every month to date, even her husband and children own Baleaf products.)

Our best sport memory was running together for 911 anniversary felt good to do something so positive for the country.



When I climbed Mountain Elbrus! It was super challenging due to the weather condition! But it was unforgettable and beautiful experience! Only mountains can be better than mountains, Those that you have not yet climbed.



"Greatest sports memory was when my papa in his 40s started training me to become like him— a professional tennis player. I was in gradeschool then so every after my school classes dismissals we went straight to the tennis club and he then trained me in a real tennis court setting so i can be familiarized and to get a hang of it. Its rare in our province to have a girl representative for this kind of sports. Months of training led me to, represent my school and compete from one place to another. Brought me gold medals and pride for my school. He was/is still proud. I wont ever forget that experience. Lucky to have a coach, an inspo, a father all in one person. Till today i still play tennis!"



Hiking around Uluṟu was pretty cool. Only not it was like 124°…



Our Zion hike this week was and may be my favorite memory of the year so far.



My favorite hike in the Smokies is Chimney Tops.


Completing my first marathon with my brother. Even though I left him.


In addition to these customers, some other fans have also shared their valuable sports memories with us.



My best sport memory was in 2019 I did a MUD RUN my first time running in a competition, new runner, i felt amazing to be able to accomplish a race with obstacles.



First time skiing in Utah at Snowcat (snowbird, I was young). First time at a WNBA basketball game and got to see @lisaleslie dunk for the first time in WNBA history! First time we got to play at halftime during a WNBA game (could have been the same game) and I fell at halfcourt, by myself. First time I scored 20pts in a basketball game with 6 3pters in a row at my first game back after breaking my shooting arm wrist. First half marathon with @jaereece RIP. Watching @kmari25_5 at her first basketball game and feeling so proud! @supajap first time doing the mini halfpipe in mammoth!!



I’m going to say the greatest sports memory that will forever stick out is my first year of basketball…i was 8. I somehow got the ball and had no idea what to do so I just ran, maybe dribbled a couple times…but just kept running, away from everyone…also away from out basket. I heard all the yelling and screaming and just thought the crowd was cheering me on, little did I know they were screaming “OTHER WAY!!” I shot the ball and luckily missed and was so confused when the coach (my dad) took me out of the game and told me I went the wrong way. Haha I was hearing “ALL THE WAY” not “OTHER WAY” hahahahahah. Oops

so many sports memories!!! First time down cornice at mammoth, first triathlon race, first basketball game?!?! Ahhhh all I know if when I found @baleafsports on Amazon I thought I’d give it a shot and am now in love with the products. I have clothes for work (personal trainer), I have bike shorts that are super comfy and cool looking, and I have some chill wear. Love love pretty much all the products!



First full marathon—Marathon du Medoc! Running through wine lands in France in a Batman costume on my birthday



My favorite sports memory is going to the World Cup games in 1994!



May sound small but my first 5k was such a feeling of accomplishment! I was never a runner, got into it in my 30'sso for me to do it was exciting!



"I ran my first full marathon in May - running in Baleaf 2-in-1 shorts. It was an amazing moment for me as it is the farthest distance to date that I have run. I started with Couch to 5k and kept on pushing for more.

I am set to run thee half marathons this Fall and another Full in the Spring."



The first time I did a handstand, ran several miles without stopping to catch my breathe, That feeling you get from being flexible and so energized. Many great memories!!



My favorite hike of all time is Angels Landing in Zion National Park.. The best by far challenge and rewarding views.. Worth every effort



My favorite memory is completing Spartan Trifecta.



My greatest sports memory was completing my first CrossFit competition with @a25rowland. I literally cried at the end because I was so excited! ✨


Do you have any unforgettable sports memories? Feel free to leave your memories in the comments and share them with everyone!

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