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The Best Yoga Shorts To Help You Achieve Zen

The Best Yoga Shorts To Help You Achieve Zen

You've got your yoga mat, your comfy yoga pants, and all the gear for your yoga sessions. But hold on, what about those perfect yoga shorts? Whether you're sweating it out in hot yoga, flowing through an energizing Vinyasa class, or unwinding in a calming yin yoga session, we've got your back with the best yoga shorts to rock your next pigeon pose.

Maybe you're on the lookout for some high-waisted yoga shorts, or perhaps you prefer styles with a bit of tummy control. The good news is that sustainable and plus-size choices are now more readily available, all crafted from breathable, flexible fabrics. Time to elevate your yoga game with the best yoga shorts to help you achieve Zen.

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Laureate High Rise Shorts

Baleaf Laureate High Rise Shorts

Introducing the Laureate High Rise Shorts, a best-selling essential of the house crafted from 87% polyester and 13% Spandex for solid colors. These shorts have aced the squat test, ensuring non-see-through perfection (except for the white color).

With a focus on comfort and functionality, these high-waisted yoga shorts come with a wide waistband for maximum coverage and tummy control. The shorts feature three pockets, a gusseted crotch to prevent any camel toe mishaps, and flatlock seams to ensure a chafe-free experience. The body-contouring seams create a snug and supportive fit, making it feel like a warm embrace.

Whether for daily casual wear or yoga, workouts, and running, these shorts are the ideal blend of softness and breathability for various occasions.

With almost the same features, except for the polyester and Spandex percentage, we have the Laureate High Rise Shorts (Plus Size) in 86% polyester and 14% Spandex. These plus-size pair offers a perfect fit, passing the squat test with non-see-through confidence, featuring a high-rise style and wide waistband for maximum coverage and tummy control.

Laureate 10" High Rise Shorts

Baleaf Laureate 10" High Rise Shorts

Meet your new go-to workout companion – the Laureate 10" High Rise Shorts. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, attending classes, flowing through yoga, spinning, or even just rocking them under a dress – these shorts are the multitasking champions you've been looking for.

Crafted from 80% polyester and 20% Spandex, they're the dynamic duo of silky, stretchy, breezy, and oh-so-comfortable.

Worried about the wear and tear? Fear not! These shorts are pill- and wrinkle-resistant, standing up to the challenges of your active lifestyle. Embrace the high-rise design with built-in tummy control, and revel in the convenience of three pockets for stashing all your essentials. Plus, with a gusseted crotch, you can say goodbye to any camel toe concerns.

If you want a slightly longer pair, we have the Laureate 12" High Rise Shorts with the same features as its shorter counterpart.

Freeleaf 8" Seamless High-Rise Shorts

Baleaf Freeleaf 8" Seamless High-Rise Shorts

Indulge in the grace of our recently launched Freeleaf collection, the Freeleaf 8" Seamless High-Rise Shorts, meticulously crafted with a touch of magic. Infused with super stretch technology, these shorts are a testament to engineering that embraces and enhances every curve, tailored to fit and flatter all body shapes with seamless finesse. The seamless construction not only guarantees a flawlessly smooth look but also elevates the aesthetic to a realm of timeless elegance.

Luxuriate in the high-quality fabric that caresses the skin, offering a sensation of opulence with every wear. With these shorts, experience the freedom of movement like never before – a harmonious blend of style and functionality, designed to empower you with the grace you deserve.

Sweatleaf High-Rise Shorts

Baleaf Sweatleaf High-Rise Shorts

Introducing the Sweatleaf High-Rise Shorts from the Sweatleaf Collection, expertly crafted with a blend of 69% nylon and 31% Spandex. These shorts have successfully passed the squat test, ensuring non-see-through confidence.

Boasting moisture-wicking capabilities and remarkable comfort, they provide light compression and a naked sensation during wear. Featuring a high-rise style with a wide waistband for maximum coverage and tummy control, these shorts come equipped with three pockets — two side pockets and one hidden waistband pocket for added convenience. The contouring lines enhance body curves, creating a streamlined shape, while flatlock seams guarantee a chafe-free experience.

Ideal for yoga, fitness, running, training, sports, or daily casual wear, these shorts offer the perfect blend of functionality and style.

Check out its beautiful sister, the Sweatleaf High-Rise Pocketed Shorts.

Flyleaf High-Rise Bermuda Shorts

Baleaf Flyleaf High-Rise Bermuda Shorts

Elevate your comfort and style game with the Flyleaf High-Rise Bermuda Shorts. Crafted with a magical blend of 62% nylon and 38% Spandex, these shorts are a wardrobe essential upgrade.

Acing the squat test with ease, they provide a non-see-through experience, ensuring you stay confidently covered. The high-rise style and wide waistband offer maximum coverage and tummy control. Equipped with two side pockets, a gusseted crotch for a camel-toe-free experience, and flatlock seams to banish chafing, these shorts have your back. The body-contouring seams make wearing them feel like a comforting hug.

Perfect for daily casual wear or unleashing your inner yogi, hitting the pavement for a run, spiking volleyballs, or powering through a workout, these shorts are designed for every occasion that blends comfort and style seamlessly.

If you want a more discreet pair you can layer under your regular bottom, then get your hands on our other women's high-rise gym shorts, the Flyleaf High-Rise Seamless Shorts.

Flyleaf Tie Dye Seamless Shorts

Baleaf Flyleaf Tie Dye Seamless Shorts

Dive into the vibrant world of style and comfort with Flyleaf Tie Dye Seamless Shorts. Made from a blend of 89.4% nylon and 10.6% Spandex, these shorts are a performance powerhouse.

Acing the squat test with flying colors, they provide non-see-through confidence while offering a soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable experience. The high-rise style is taken up a notch with a rib-knit wide waistband, ensuring maximum comfort during your active pursuits.

Choose from two tie-dye pattern options to showcase your unique style, and revel in the airflow-promoting mesh panels. With a gusseted crotch ensuring a worry-free fit, these shorts are your ideal companion for workouts, running, exercise, fitness, yoga, and cycling – embracing your active lifestyle with a burst of tie-dye flair.

Flyleaf Squat-Proof Shorts

Baleaf Flyleaf Squat-Proof Shorts

Unleash confidence and comfort with the Flyleaf Squat-Proof Shorts, a versatile wardrobe essential perfect for daily casual wear or activities like yoga, running, volleyball, and workouts.

Crafted from a blend of 75.8% nylon and 24.2% Spandex, these shorts not only passed the squat test with flying colors but also provide a breathable, soft, and comfortable experience.

The high-rise style, coupled with a wide waistband, ensures maximum coverage and tummy control while two side pockets offer convenient storage for your valuables. With a gusseted crotch to eliminate any camel toe concerns, flatlock seams preventing chafing, and body-contouring seams that feel like a warm hug, these squat-proof shorts effortlessly blend style and functionality for an active lifestyle.

Love Your Every Yoga Move With the Best Yoga Shorts for Women

Discover the ultimate comfort in Baleaf's Women's Yoga – designed to enhance your practice and elevate your yoga experience. Embrace the perfect blend of style and functionality for a mindful workout. Choose Baleaf with the best shorts for yoga.

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