The Best Cargo Shorts for Men and Women at Affordable Prices

The Best Cargo Shorts for Men and Women at Affordable Prices

Cargo shorts, similar to their longer counterpart cargo pants, typically extend to knee length and have gained popularity as casual urban wear due to their comfortable fit and practicality for carrying extra items.

Cargo shorts are now considered a staple in both men's and women's wardrobes, offering a blend of style and practicality that few garments achieve, making them indispensable for summer. Combining style and functionality, cargo shorts have been integral to active lifestyles for years, offering versatility and comfort.

To make your cargo shorts stand out, select a pair that aligns with your personal style preferences. Whether you prefer a longer, relaxed fit or a more vintage, clean-cut style, our extensive Bottoms collection offers options to suit every taste.

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Why Wear Cargo Shorts

Baleaf Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts represent the perfect harmony of style and functionality, boasting an extended cut that typically falls just below the knee, lending them a sophisticated and polished look compared to shorter styles. This additional length provides versatility beyond casual occasions, making them suitable for a diverse array of settings, whether it's a casual get-together or a semi-formal affair. With their ability to effortlessly blend relaxed comfort with a polished appearance, long-length cargo shorts offer a versatile option suitable for various occasions.

Cargo Shorts for Women

For the ultimate outdoor adventure, go for the best women's cargo shorts, offering exceptional comfort with quick-drying properties and a flattering fit, ensuring a seamless experience in any terrain.

Laureate Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts

Baleaf Laureate Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts

The Laureate Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts, crafted from 91% polyester and 9% Spandex, boast UPF 50+ sun protection alongside water-resistant capabilities, perfect for outdoor adventures.

It's easy to see why this is one of the house's best-sellers. With a relaxed fit and features like a back elastic waistband and button front with zip fly, these shorts ensure comfort while the five pockets and flatlock seamlines elevate both functionality and wearability.

Laureate 5'' Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts

Baleaf Laureate 5'' Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts

The Laureate 5'' Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts, comprising 91% nylon and 9% Spandex, offer UPF50+ sun protection and water-resistant properties, ideal for outdoor activities.

With a slight "A" hem design for unrestricted motion and a wide waistband for tummy control, alongside two spacious cargo pockets and flatlock seams, they prioritize comfort, functionality, and practicality in every wear.

Flyleaf 7" UPF 50+ Outdoor Shorts

Baleaf Flyleaf 7" UPF 50+ Outdoor Shorts

These Flyleaf 7" UPF 50+ Outdoor Shorts are crafted from an 89% nylon, 11% Spandex blend for quick-drying, moisture-wicking comfort, boasting a 4-way stretch for ease of movement and UPF 50+ sun protection. Featuring a drawstring closure and a 2.2-inch long knit waistband, they come equipped with four pockets for added convenience on your outdoor adventures.

Flyleaf UPF50+ Cargo Shorts

Baleaf Flyleaf UPF50+ Cargo Shorts

The Flyleaf UPF50+ Cargo Shorts, constructed from 85% nylon and 15% Spandex, offers superior sun protection and water resistance, perfect for outdoor endeavors.

Featuring a back-cinched waistband for comfort, a high-rise style, five pockets for ample storage, and a gusseted crotch design to prevent discomfort, they ensure both functionality and comfort in every wear.

Flyleaf Hiking Cargo Shorts

Baleaf Flyleaf Hiking Cargo Shorts

The Flyleaf Hiking Cargo Shorts, crafted from 90% nylon and 10% Spandex, boast advanced features including four-way stretch, quick-drying capabilities, and a lightweight DWR finish for water repellency, ensuring optimal performance during outdoor activities.

With a high-rise design and a wide waistline for coverage and support, alongside two back pockets and flatlock seamlines for enhanced comfort, these shorts combine functionality and comfort seamlessly.

Cargo Shorts for Men

The best men's cargo shorts are ideal for outdoor pursuits, such as fishing, hiking, trekking, and traveling, boasting quick-drying properties and a fabric designed for supreme comfort, ensuring versatility and functionality in any adventure.

Flyleaf Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts

Baleaf Flyleaf Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts

Kicking off our list with the Flyleaf Quick-Dry Cargo Shorts, crafted from 89% nylon and 11% Spandex, boast breathability, lightweight construction, and quick-drying capabilities, coupled with water resistance for optimal performance in outdoor settings.

With a relaxed fit, elastic waistband with drawstring, unlined design for layering versatility, and two spacious 3D cargo zippered pockets, alongside flatlock seams to prevent chafing, they prioritize comfort, functionality, and convenience in every wear.

UPF50+ Lightweight Breathable Quick Dry Cargo Shorts

Baleaf UPF50+ Lightweight Breathable Quick Dry Cargo Shorts

Stay protected and comfortable during outdoor adventures with these UPF50+ Lightweight Cargo Shorts, crafted from 88% nylon and 12% spandex, featuring five pockets for convenient storage and an adjustable side elastic waistband. Perfect for camping, mountain climbing, swimming, traveling, and various outdoor sports, they provide reliable sun protection and all-day comfort.

Laureate UPF 50+ Cargo Shorts

Baleaf Laureate UPF 50+ Cargo Shorts

The Laureate UPF 50+ Cargo Shorts, crafted from 91% polyester and 9% Spandex, offer superior sun protection and quick-drying capabilities, with a stretchy, breathable fabric ensuring comfort during outdoor activities.

Featuring a relaxed fit with a below-knee length for added coverage, an elastic waistband with a drawstring provides a flexible fit, while four pockets and flatlock seamlines enhance both functionality and comfort.

Laureate Knee-Length Cargo Shorts

Baleaf Laureate Knee-Length Cargo Shorts

The Laureate Knee-Length Cargo Shorts, composed of 91% Polyester and 9% Spandex, offer UPF 50+ sun protection alongside water-resistant and quick-drying properties, ensuring comfort and practicality during outdoor activities.

Boasting a relaxed fit with an elastic waistband and drawstring for flexibility, they feature below-knee length for extended coverage and a modest appearance, complemented by four pockets for added functionality.

Laureate Cargo Shorts

Baleaf Laureate Cargo Shorts

The Laureate Cargo Shorts, crafted from 91% Polyester and 9% Spandex, offer stretchiness and breathability, ideal for outdoor activities, while also being water-resistant.

Featuring a loose fit and a button elastic waistband with hook-and-loop Velcro adjustments, they provide a secure and personalized fit, complemented by four zipper security cargo pockets for convenient storage, and reflective elements enhance visibility in low-light conditions, all while flatlock seams ensure comfort without chafing.

Cargo Shorts for the Win!

For anyone seeking comfort, versatility, and functionality in bottoms, cargo shorts stand out as an ideal choice. Equipped with ample pockets, reinforced seams, and a lightweight build, these shorts endure daily rigors without compromising on comfort or mobility. Available in a range of styles and colors, affordable and widely accessible, cargo shorts emerge as a practical and comfortable alternative to work pants, meeting the diverse needs and preferences of everyone effectively.

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