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PROCOOL: An Introduction to Moisture-Absorbing and Quick Drying Fabric

PROCOOL: An Introduction to Moisture-Absorbing and Quick Drying Fabric

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As a sports enthusiast, the type of fabric you wear affects your performance and helps you overcome challenges like rising temperature, humidity, and sweat production.


Fabric technology is an excellent way to overcome these problems and allow sports and fitness lovers to feel fresh and energetic in all conditions. As a manufacturer of quality unidirectional wettability fabric, Baleaf understands the challenges sports enthusiasts go through and has introduce its very own PROCOOL fabric. Learn about its benefits here its very own PROCOOL fabric.


What is PROCOOL?

PROCOOL is a smart, cutting-edge fabric that is ideally suited to regulate your body temperature in response to environmental conditions. By wearing our PROCOOL fabric, you will feel dry and cool, since it allows moisture to be drawn away from your skin into the fabric, where it will evaporate faster, leaving you feeling cool and comfortable.


How Does PROCOOL Work?

At Baleaf, we use high-absorption technology on lightweight, stretchable, and quick-drying fabric to create unidirectional wettability.

The first thing we ensure is that the fabric’s inner layer has a good capillary effect. This means that perspiration will be drawn upwards and away from the skin and transferred to the outer surface of the fabric.

The second thing we ensure is that the outer layer of the fabric needs to have an excellent diffusion effect on moisture. This means that when sweat is drawn to the outer surface of the fabric, it will quickly transform into water vapor, leaving your fabric dry, and your skin cool.


  • Moisture-Wicking: 

    PROCOOL is created based on its quick-drying ability. Most fabrics trap moisture and heat on the skin, making the person uncomfortably hot. PROCOOL, on the other hand, does not allow heat to remain in the inner layer. It does not stick to the skin and is breathable and lightweight, which is the reason why it is the first choice of sports and health and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Breathable Weave:

    PROCOOL is made of special-shaped, three-dimensional, breathable weave that accelerates the transfer of moisture from the inner to the outer later. We make sure to create a larger mesh in the inner layer and smaller mesh in the outer layer, ensuring that sweat transfer is accelerated to the outside and the moisture dries quickly, preventing you from feeling stuffy and oppressed.
  • Thermoregulation:

     PROCOOL’s woven and knitted fabric is super light and makes you feel weightless. As such, our PROCOOL products are the perfect choice for going out during the hot summer days. On the flip sides, this fabric is also perfect for keeping you optimally warm during runs on chilly nights.
  • Skin-Friendly:

    At Baleaf, the comfort and confidence of sports and outdoor lovers is the focus of what we do. All our products feature flatlock seamlines and no-tag collars in order to prevent chafing or itchiness. Our shirts and hoodies are made of the silky smooth synthetic moisture-wicking fiber, which glides over your skin and hugs it in the right places, without giving you an oppressive feeling, so that you can remain confident, snug, and cool at the same time.
  • Better Ventilation:

    PROCOOL is made of an innovative unidirectional wettability fabric that draws away sweat and dries out quickly. Many of our products are designs with strategically-positioned mesh panels in the underarm and shoulders that offer excellent ventilation and keep you cool, no matter what hot activity you are performing. 

      Why Did BALEAF Choose To Make PROCOOL?

      At Baleaf, the comfort and performance of sports lovers is our priority. PROCOOL was created for the following reasons:

      • Creating quality activewearthat is not just functional but also makes the wearer look good
      • To ensure optimal performance during sports
      • To ensure you feel more comfortable and look more professional
      • To eliminate unsightly sweat patches as a result of physical exercise
      • To ensure optimal regulation of body temperature during exercise


      What Our PROCOOL Products Offer?

      At BALEAF, we are happy to offer you a line of PROCOOL activewear products. Our products are made from high-quality stretchable, breathable, and lightweight material which offers full coverage, optimum performance, and excellent thermoregulation, making sports lover feel good in their own skin.


      Applications for PROCOOL Fabric

      Baleaf’s PROCOOL fabric is the fabric of choice if you participate in sweaty activities, including:


        • Running, jogging, andhalf marathon
        • Hiking and backpacking
        • Fishing
        • Outdoor activity
        • Playing tennis or badminton
        • Home gardening
        • Working out the gym
        • Yoga and aerobics


        Final Thoughts

        A hot and sweaty workout is the reality of every sports enthusiast. But now, thanks to PROCOOL, you can leave the unpleasant side effects of physical activities and workouts behind you. PROCOOL can help you feel comfortable in your own skin while helping you improve your athletic performance.

        Check out the Baleaf store to find PROCOOL products that fit your needs.


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