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Why Peloton users should invest in workout gear

Guest Post by Leah Ingram



Almost as soon as my husband and I got our Peloton in 2016, we realized we needed to get some legit workout clothes. Previously, when taking spin classes at the gym, I'd just wear my usual leggings and a t-shirt. But there was something about the Peloton bike that made it clear that we needed to invest in good attire.

And by invest, I don't mean spend hundreds of dollars on each piece of workout clothing. In my mind "invest" means getting clothing with a purpose to help us enjoy our Peloton more.

For starters, there is the Peloton bike seat. At first glance--or first feel--it seems pretty squishy, maybe even soft. But after a 20-minute Intervals and Arms class or a 45-minute Power Zone ride, your butt takes a beating. I'm not sure what the mechanics of the seat are but it seems to leave new riders feeling very sore.

Next, there is the issue of sweat. As I mentioned I've taken spin classes before. I know you get sweaty in them. But the Peloton cycling classes are next level sweaty. Like you take a cool down ride and then another cool down ride and then a post-ride stretch, and you're still sweating when you get into the shower. So, moisture-wicking clothing is a must.


Padded bike shorts

First, let's address the issue of the sore butt. Like I said it's a common denominator among new riders. Even experienced spinners.

My husband was the first to bring up the notion of padded bike shorts--and then buy them to wear while riding the Peloton. In fact, he's the one who introduced me to Baleaf padded bottoms after he bought a pair on Amazon.

Almost immediately they made a huge difference in his comfort while riding and afterwards, too. After that first week with the Baleaf padded shorts, he bought four more pair. This way he could go a few days in between doing laundry and would always have a clean pair of bike shorts to wear. Without that sore backside, he found himself wanting to ride more, which was better for his overall health.

Soon thereafter I bought a pair of the Baleaf padded leggings. Immediately, I noticed how much better my "sensitive" areas felt after a long ride. I, too, invested in enough pairs of padded bottoms to get me through the week.

Two final tips on what you can do--in addition to wearing padded bike shorts--to save your behind on the bike.

First, don't tell your mom but you need to wear padded shorts without underwear. This helps avoid friction when you are pedaling.

Second, also on the friction front, invest in something called chamois lotion or a glide stick. When you apply it to the backs of your legs before a ride, it helps keep things from rubbing the wrong way--literally.


Moisture-wicking clothing

Now let's address the issue of sweat. If you have a Peloton--bike or Tread--then you know you are likely to sweat a lot.

I've discovered that I simply cannot exercise in tops with sleeves. It doesn't matter what time of the year it is or how cold I've made the air conditioning. There is something about riding my Peloton bike that makes me feel like I'm suffocating if my shoulders are covered.

Recently, I got two sleeveless tank tops from Baleaf--Neoprene-Free Racerback Sauna Suit and the Loosefit Breathable Crewneck Basic Tank Top. Both have moisture-wicking properties that help keep me cooler on the bike.


Using Peloton outdoors

What's nice about these sleeveless tank tops is that I can also use them as layers when exercising outdoors. You see, even though the Peloton is a bike that goes nowhere, one of the benefits of a Peloton membership is the Peloton app. It lets you pursue classes off the equipment, including outdoors. In fact, when I'm not in the mood to ride the bike, I'll fire up the app on my iPhone, select an outdoor class, such as an 80s Fun Walk, and head outside to get my sweat on.

When walking outdoors--doing a Peloton class or just strolling with my dogs, Oscar and Sadie--I prefer to wear leggings with pockets in them. I'm talking real pockets on each of my legs so I can stash my phone and keys in one pocket, and poop bags and a small bottle of hand sanitizer in the other when I'm out with my dogs.

In warmer weather I like Capri leggings with leg pockets. In colder weather I go for full-length leggings, also with leg pockets. I was pleased to discover that Baleaf offers both options.

Additionally, as the weather has gotten cooler, I've added the Front Quilted Thermal Jacket to my exercise outfit. Just as the name suggests, it's lined with fleece. For any of my outdoor workouts in colder weather, I prefer tops with the thumbholes. Believe it or not, they help keep your hands warmer without having to wear gloves.

If you're serious about working out and getting the most from your Peloton bike--or any exercise equipment you've purchased--then you should be serious about investing in workout clothing. I'm thrilled to have found items that not only meet my fitness needs but also makes me look and feel great while wearing them.



Leah Ingram writes the Real Sophisticated Consumer blog, which has a strong Peloton niche. Her blog helps reader learn how to get the most value for their time and money, be it from their Peloton bike or their favorite meal subscription box.

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