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How to Rock Your Cropped Tops To Work

How to Rock Your Cropped Tops To Work

Let's be clear: There's no age limit and body or shape for owning a crop top. Wear what you love and feel comfortable in. Whether a tee or bralette, cropped tops are chic for easy dressing.

We've found style inspiration on how to wear cropped tops to work, flexible enough for transitions from the office to date night or a wild girls' night out. Embrace the versatility of cropped tops, proving they can be fashionable at any age and setting.

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The Cropped Top at Work

How to Rock Your Cropped Tops To Work

At its core, a cropped top is a shirt ending above the waist, revealing the midriff and becoming a staple in casual and day-to-night fashion. Despite its popularity, the question of its appropriateness in professional settings continues.

Understanding your workplace's dress code is vital when considering the suitability of crop tops. In environments with strict formal dress codes, casual cropped tops may be inappropriate.

On the flip side, a tastefully styled cropped top can complement your professional wardrobe in relaxed business settings or creative fields with more flexibility in dress codes.

To style a cropped top for work, thoughtful consideration is essential, aiming for a trendy yet professional appearance.

How To Wear Cropped Tops To Work

A cropped top doesn't necessarily require extensive skin exposure. It can exude sophistication when paired appropriately with items already in your wardrobe.

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Create layers.

If uncertain in a cropped top, layer it with a conservative piece like a blazer or cardigan. Ideal for day-to-night transitions, button up during the day and unleash a bolder look after office hours. Styling your cropped top with a blazer, long vest, or cardigan adds an edgy and cool vibe to your office ensemble.

An additional simple approach to donning a cropped top without evoking a provocative vibe is by layering it atop another garment. For instance, pairing a cropped top with a button-down shirt yields a smart casual look suitable for the office.

Pair with high-rise bottoms.

If you're feeling a bit conscious about exposing your midriff, consider teaming the cropped top with high-waisted bottoms.

Most cropped tops complement the waistline perfectly when paired with high-waisted pants, flared pants, or a skirt. Combining a cropped top with high-waisted bottoms guarantees a chic and feminine appearance. The cropped top accentuates your waist, enhancing your figure while the high-waisted pants or skirts create the illusion of elongated legs.

For an added height boost, you can even throw on a pair of heels or wedges.

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The Cropped Tops for Work

There are several cropped tops that you can confidently rock to work to show your personal style. Let's take a look at them.

Cropped White Tank Top

Baleaf Laureate V Neck Cropped Tank Top

A white cropped top is one of the easiest to pair with and layer with your blazer.

Look dainty, pretty, and date-ready with the Laureate V Neck Cropped Tank Top, crafted from 88% polyester and 12% Spandex, which offers a lightweight, skin-friendly, and moisture-wicking design for soft and comfortable wear. With dropped armholes for a free range of motion, ruched details around the stomach for tummy concealment and flatlock seams to prevent chafing, this cropped tank top is perfect when paired with high-rise pants, providing a flattering and functional fitness ensemble.

Cropped Workout Top

Baleaf Sweatleaf Crew Neck Crop Top

The Sweatleaf Crew Neck Crop Top, composed of 69% nylon and 31% Spandex, offers a moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric with light compression and a naked sensation, making it ideal for layering over a long button-down top to conceal the midsection when paired with your favorite pants.

With a slim fit, crewneck, pull-on closure, and a design that accommodates various body shapes, this top ensures both style and comfort, complemented by flatlock seams for a chafe-free experience.

Cropped Top Hoodie

Baleaf Thermal Hooded Cropped Pullover

While donning cropped hoodies that showcase your midriff can impart a cute appearance, if you're not keen on that style, consider treating them simply as an additional layer to your outfit. Avoid making the cropped hoodie the focal point of your ensemble. Instead, begin by pairing it with a plain top and enhance your overall look gradually.

The Thermal Hooded Cropped Pullover is an ideal choice for cooler temperatures, boasting antistatic and skin-friendly properties with a soft fleece lining that traps heat, ensuring warmth and coziness.

Featuring a relaxed fit, half-zip, and hoodie for a stylish appearance, a raglan sleeve design for unrestricted motion, and a thumbhole design to keep sleeves in place, it also includes a kangaroo pocket for both warmth and convenient storage of essentials.

Cropped Tank Top

Baleaf Evergreen Cotton Crewneck Crop Top

Transform your favorite tank into office-appropriate attire with strategic layering. Combine a neutral-colored tank top with a cardigan, complemented by a pencil skirt or maxi skirt for a timeless ensemble.

Utilize a tank as a versatile undershirt for sheer blouses or button-up tops, and explore layering options by pairing fundamental basics with oversized outerwear, such as a boxy denim jacket or knee-length duster coat, to achieve a casually chic look.

Elevate your style by topping your cropped tank with an oversized blazer or leather jacket for a trendy and sophisticated charm.

The Evergreen Cotton Crewneck Crop Top, crafted from 7% Pima, 63% cotton, and 10% Spandex, offers a breathable and lightweight design, combined with ultra-soft, stretchy fabric for maximum comfort.

With a relaxed fit, crewneck, well-fitted armholes allowing ease of movement, and cut above the waist, this cropped top is further enhanced by flatlock seams to ensure a chafe-free experience.

Cropped Sexy Back

Baleaf Flyleaf Open Back Crop Top

Highlight your allure by pairing a backless cropped top with a snug-knit sweater or cardigan for the office, making sure the layer has a fitted top and appropriate length. Elevate the ensemble with a slim belt, and for a date night, ditch your cover to reveal your captivating back.

The Flyleaf Open Back Crop Top, crafted from 75.4% nylon and 24.6% Spandex, transcends workout wear, offering breathability and lightweight comfort.

Featuring a slim fit, crewneck, and an open back design, it includes a built-in bra providing ample support for various breast shapes, a cut above the waist, and flatlock seams to ensure a chafe-free experience, making it perfect for both office wear and stylish pairings with high-rise pants.

Rock Your Cropped at Any Age and Anywhere You Want To

The pairing of a cropped top with high-waisted pants, embraced by A-list celebrities and supermodels alike, has evolved into a must-have fashion statement. These midriff-baring tops complement individuals of all body types and shapes, transcending beyond weekends and parties to bring a playful touch to office attire. Demonstrated by street style icons globally, the cropped shirt has proven its versatility, offering a stylish and professional look suitable for the workplace.

Baleaf makes sure that your activewear is not limited to the gym or physical activity. We fashion them as versatile pieces, even cropped tops, work for just about any setting or activity you have for the day.

So check out our incredible Women's Tops collection and fall in love with versatile pieces that define your unique fashion sense.

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