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Best BALEAF UPF Gear For Your Outdoor Summer Adventures

Best BALEAF UPF Gear For Your Outdoor Summer Adventures

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Protect yourself against the harmful UV rays this summer with BALEAF’s UPF gear.
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Summer is right around the corner, and as most of you will be starting your outdoor adventures, you must be thinking of all the layers of sunscreen that you would need to protect your face against harmful UV rays.

But did you know that the sun's rays can still pass through your clothes and can damage your skin that is covered with clothing?

Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself against sun damage. You can do so by investing in sun-protective clothing. Like sunscreen, or other UV-protective gear like UV-filtering sunglasses, you need sun protective clothing to reduce the risk of sun damage to your skin, and that's what this post is all about.

Below we explain what sun protective clothing is and what are some of the best UPF clothing you can find at BALEAF.


Sun Protective Clothing and UPF

Sun protective clothing is specially designed clothes that guard your skin against harmful UV rays. UPF, also known as ultraviolet protection factor, is a design factor built in your clothes to offer better protection against UV rays. In simple terms, UPF is precisely the same as the SPF level of a sunscreen that helps prevent the penetration of sunlight through your clothes and eventually to your skin.

UPF ranges between 15 and 50+, and similar to the SPF of a sunscreen, a higher number indicates better protection against UV rays.


Why Do You Need to Wear UPF Clothing?

Sun protection clothing or UPF clothing provides extra protection against UV rays. As summer is right around the corner and you will be planning some outdoor adventures with friends and family, you will need gear that offers extra protection against the dangerous UV rays. UPF clothing enhances your protection against sun rays and eventually decreases your risk of UV-related health concerns, including skin cancer and premature aging. But it is essential for the following groups of people.


Individuals With Fair and Sensitive Skin

People with fair and sensitive skin are more prone to sun damage. Their skin can burn more easily. Moreover, they have an increased risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging. By investing in UPF clothing, people with fair and sensitive skin can guard their skin against sun damage.


Individuals Who Live in Warmer Regions

Sun intensity is most significant in these regions, and people who prefer to spend time outdoor need extra protection against sun damage.


Individuals Taking Certain Medications

Several medicines, including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, ointments for skin conditions, and antihistamines, can increase sun sensitivity. If you are take any medications, then it’s best to invest in UPF clothing so you can better protect your skin against sun damage.


The Best UPF Clothing by BALEAF

Now that you know what UPF clothing is and why you may need it, it’s time to look at some of the best UPF clothing by BALEAF that you can add to your wardrobe this summer.


Women’s UPF Tops by BALEAF

Whether you want a long-sleeved shirt, full-zip quick-dry long-sleeved hoodie, or a tank top, BALEAF has something to offer for everyone.

UPF50+ Loose Fit Crew Neck Casual Long-Sleeved Shirt is an excellent choice for your outdoor summer gear. With a UPF of 50+, this shirt offers up to 98% protection against dangerous UV rays. The long-sleeved shirt gives additional protection to your arms, and the loose fit keeps you cool and comfortable as you spend time outdoors.

Another great UPF clothing product for women is Laureate UPF50+ Lightweight Sun Hoodie. The quick-dry, 4-way stretch UPF50+ sun protection product comes with a high neck and full zipper that gives you great coverage and excellent sun protection during the scorching summer blaze. A great product that you can wear under the long-sleeved hoodie or on its own is the Laureate UPF50+ V-Neck Tank Top. Available in two colors and size options, this is a must-have for your summer wardrobe.


Women’s UPF Bottoms by BALEAF

Depending upon the coverage you need, BALEAF has several UPF clothing options that you can choose from.

UPF50+ Lightweight Dwr Outdoor Mountaineering Pants offer full coverage along with excellent sun protection. The lightweight, breathable, quick-dry pant comes with a drawstring cord hem and zip-closure pockets so you can keep your valuables and skin safe as you hike this summer. By if you need moderate coverage, you can also go for the BALEAF's UPF50+ 2-In-1 Knee-Length Golf Skorts W Mesh Lining. The 20" knee-length is a perfect blend of style and functionality. With a 50+UPF and 4 way stretch, the skort comes with an adjustable inner drawstring and 4 pockets so you can enjoy your summer without worrying about the weather. BALEAF also offers a UPF50+ 7'' Hiking Stretchy Pocketed Shorts. This loose fit, moisture-wicking, 4-way-stretch and skin-friendly shorts are all that you need this summer to keep yourself cool and comfortable.


BALEAF’S UPF Products for Men

Just like BALEAF has an excellent range of UPF products for women, they have a lot to offer for outdoorsy men as well. You can go for the UPF50+ Long-Sleeved Loose Fit Casual T-Shirt or can pick up Laureate UPF50+ Golf Polo Shirt that will guard you against sun damage on your next outdoor adventure. Both the products are certified UPF50+ which means they can offer up to 98% protection against harmful UV rays and give you the perfect sun protection that you need this summer. Another great product that BALEAF offers for adventurous men is the Laureate UPF50+ Watch Window Sun Hoodie, with many excellent features that allow you to enjoy your outdoor summer adventures keeping yourself safe and comfortable.   

Apart from the tops, BALEAF offers a wide variety of shorts and briefs, including UPF50+ Split Leg Loose Fit Athletic and Basketball Shorts and UPF50+ Camo Fully Lined Swim Brief that you can add to your wardrobe and enjoy all your outdoor adventure without worrying about skin damage due to sun exposure.

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