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A Guide to Cycling Gear

A Guide to Cycling Gear

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Whether you are a cycling enthusiast or just getting started, you need the right cycling kit for a comfortable commute. Find out about the proper cycling clothing you need on the road.  

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Most sports activities need specialist gear, and cycling is no exception. The best cycling clothes offer you the right fit to comfortably lean over the handlebars and enjoy your commute. If you are just getting started with cycling, this guide is for you. Below you will find out why it is essential to invest in the right cycling clothing. You will also get to know about the vital components of the best cycling kits. So let’s get started.


Why Invest in Cycling Clothing?

A newbie cyclist might wonder, "Is it worth investing in cycling clothing?" The answer is yes. And there are good reasons for it. The best cycling clothing will provide


The Right Fit

The best cycling clothing is designed to fit correctly. As you lean over to ride the bicycle, the best cycling kits come with tops that have a longer back. Also, the legwear has a higher waist at the back. This makes sure that your lower back is fully covered as you lean over the handlebars. Different cycling clothing comes in different sizes and sleeve length options. For full coverage of the arm, you can go for full-sleeved tops. Similarly, you can choose between shorts and tights depending upon your preference.


Unrestricted Movement

The best cycling kits are made up of Lycra/Spandex, which is a highly elastic synthetic fabric. Sportswear made up of this material allows unrestricted movement. This is why cycling clothing, especially legwear (shorts and tights), is made up of Lycra.

Also, cycling clothing are made up of highly stretchable fabric, generally has a tight fit. This facilitates your movement as you ride the bicycle. Clothes that are too loose or made up of other fabric types such as cotton will hinder your ability to ride the bicycle comfortably.


Sweat-Free Comfort

As you ride up the trail wearing a cotton t-shirt, you are bound to get sweaty regardless of the weather. Now notice the difference as you do the same activity wearing a Lycra jersey. This specialized fabric moves the sweat away from your skin and quickly evaporates, leaving you dry and comfortable as you ride. Only the best cycling clothing can give you this comfort.


Extra Shock-Absorbing Padding

Longer cycling rides without proper cycling clothing can leave your inner thighs, buttocks and groin chafed. This is why the best cycling clothes are padded. Most cycling lowers (shorts and tights) are padded with at least one foam layer, which helps reduce the road's shocks. It also provides an extra layer of soft material against your skin that can help prevent chafing of your skin.


You Can Ride Faster

With best cycling clothing, you not only get a comfortable ride, but you can also ride faster. So proper cycling kits are essential for improving your efficiency as you ride the bicycle.


The Essentials of Cycling Clothing

As a cyclist, there are too many things that can be a part of your cycling kit. Below we have compiled a list of some of the essentials that you need to start cycling. As you continue to take longer rides, there are many other things that you can add to your cycling gear. Let's take a look at the essentials of cycling clothing.



Cycling bottoms come in different lengths. You can find padded shorts for summers. You can also choose three-quarter length knickers, ideal for transitional weather, or full-length bottoms called tights for winter cycling. Regardless of the length you choose, make sure you pick up the right material. Most sportswear is made of Lycra fabric, but still don't forget to check the stretch as you go out to buy a cycling bottom. Remember that cycling shorts and tights are padded, so you don't need to wear regular underwear.



A slight variation in shorts, knickers and tights are bibs. These the same bottoms but are attached with a shoulder strap. So bibs provide better support and stay in position for longer. Also, there is no chance of the waistband rolling down. However, they can make your bathroom trips quite uncomfortable, especially for women.

You can find a wide range of cycling bottoms ranging from $10 to $ 200, but you can always find a decent cycling bottom at a reasonable price.  



The next most important element of your cycling clothing is tops. They are usually designed like a casual T-shirt, but cycling tops are made of synthetic material (you can also find some tops containing a blend of Merino wool) and are tightly fitted. Just like bottoms, tops also come in a variety of sleeve and neck length. You can easily choose between a full-sleeved and a short-sleeved jersey. Some tops have a full-length zipper, making it easier to wear them while others have a half-length zip on the front. Usually, cycling tops have a high neckline to give better protection against the sun.

Though stretch is the primary consideration, other factors such as breathability and water resistance are also critical when it comes to choosing the right cycling top. As with the bottoms, you can pick a decent top at an affordable price.

You can easily find color-coordinated, matching sets of bottoms and tops.


Final Words

The items highlighted in the guide are essential for comfort and safety. But as you progress as a road lover and ride more frequently, numerous other items can be a part of the cycling kit and are worth investing in the near future. You can use this guide as a starting point, focusing on the most essential aspects of cycling kits. As you send more time on the roads, it is a good to invest in other essentials, including cycling footwear, caps, gloves, socks, glasses and arm and leg warmers.

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